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Clearing alien and invasive plant (wattle)

(from Rekgotsofetse



We clear alien invasive plants (wattle) to reduce soil erosion and sedimentation resulting to cleaner water and with more uses.By clearing we restore grazing lands ,improvement of livestock and restore water that is taken by wattle which is an alien plant.We treat stumps after clearing with a herbicide making sure wattle doesn’t grow back and use an erosion plan with the biomass that we do not use for charcoal production so that when there are floods the top soil is not removed to cause erosion.


I am applying for the programme because I know that I can make a difference in our environment and change our water challenges.i expect to gain more experience on environmental aspects and be able to protect our landscapes from things that interrupt with it’s potential.i would build my company capacity and create jobs to the unemployed youth in our communities.i will share my knowledge with the community about the importance of taking care of our environment and give support to other youth members who want to do good for the environment.


Treasure Modesty Ugochukwu – 23.12.2021
Excellent initiative.

Mmamodiya Ndlovu – 23.12.2021
We have a serious problem with our beautiful Haarteebespoort dam which is now killing the tourism business. This solution will revive the tourism and energy sector. Great initiative.

Seithati – 04.12.2021
The most passionate person I’ve ever seen,self driven and hard working.

Takesure Matewa – 02.12.2021
I wrote a story about a company that is doing a similar innovation here in the Western Cape ..The company is called Alien Fuel Africa check the story here

Tholwana Mapena – 02.12.2021
All the best

Retshidisitswe molahlehi – 02.12.2021
Excellent job

Zandile hlongwane – 02.12.2021
Good luck

Lufefe – 02.12.2021
Excellent job

Nelisiwe – 01.12.2021
Keep up the good work Mr Mohlaudi

Nothile Jali – 01.12.2021

Khanyisile Msebenzi – 01.12.2021
Good job

Lereko – 01.12.2021
Great work 💪

Mohamed Vawda – 30.11.2021
A great example of how people, planet and profit can come together to form sustainable development! All the best.

Amanda Kalaku – 30.11.2021
Wish you all the best EcoChar

Zizipho – 30.11.2021
Eco Char are best at what they are doing and I wish them all best

Nomonde – 30.11.2021

Nomonde Rankhoru – 30.11.2021
Well done

Ayakha – 29.11.2021
Wattle takes more water thus preventing grass from growing and limiting grazing land,removing wattle and use it will ensure that there is an increase in grazing land

ReabetsweMaputle – 28.11.2021
Hard working

Kirsten Jansen – 28.11.2021
Great idea

Liam McLeod – 28.11.2021
Great idea

Grema – 28.11.2021
All the best

Rekgotsofetse Mohlauli – 28.11.2021
Good job

Khuboni Mde – 28.11.2021
Excellent job

Mde Derk – 28.11.2021
Good luck

Luvuyo Mde – 28.11.2021

Nicky Mcleod – 28.11.2021
Youth with green economy innovation: multiple problem solving simultaneously. Gets my He’s an influencer 👍🏽

BUSISIWE – 27.11.2021
Good luck

Yonela – 26.11.2021
Great initiative for reducing the impact of these thirsty invasive alien plants.

Nontlantla – 26.11.2021
Great work

Tumelo Maboee – 26.11.2021

Luxolo phaliso – 26.11.2021

Nyakallo phaliso – 26.11.2021
Good luck

Nyakallo phaliso – 26.11.2021
Good luck

Isaac mokhetho – 26.11.2021
Good luck

Bokang – 25.11.2021
No comment

Nomnikelo – 25.11.2021
Good job

George Vogel – 25.11.2021
It’s a great initiative and would indeed help expedite the matter of getting rid of these indigenous plants and secondly creating/ providing jobs to those who are looking for work..

Sipho Mohlauli – 25.11.2021

Vuyani – 25.11.2021
Excellent job

Thembelani – 25.11.2021
Good luck

Sapho – 25.11.2021
All the best boy

Rorisang Bolofo – 25.11.2021
He deserves it

Bafana – 25.11.2021
I would like to thank ecochar giving us the inspiration in clearing alien and invasion plant (wattle) to give us clarify about it and how the importance of reduce of soil erosion

Zimkhitha – 25.11.2021
Great work!!

Tshobotsi – 25.11.2021
It has to be removed or gotten rid of because we as South Africans are already running low on water we don’t need plants that will worsen our situation

Zimkhitha – 25.11.2021
Great work!

Zimkhitha – 25.11.2021
Great work!

Zimkhitha – 25.11.2021
It will decrease climate

Zimkhitha – 25.11.2021
It will decrease climate

Nonny Nyathi – 25.11.2021
Keep up the good work.

Vuyelwa – 25.11.2021
this is such a great idea

Phumlani – 25.11.2021
This is a good cause.

Carla-Jo Barry – 25.11.2021
What a great job you are doing! Clearing Alien Invasives and restoring our water. All the best and may your future continue to be full of great business opportunities.

Lerato Yalo – 25.11.2021
Thank you for taking care of our world.

Palesa Lepheana – 25.11.2021
You are doing a great job Rekgotsofetse, we need people like you. Keep up the good work, you give me hope.

Khanyisa Masemola – 25.11.2021
I love ideas like this

Phamotse – 25.11.2021
Good job

Liphapang Bolofo – 25.11.2021
Good luck

Thuso lewatle – 25.11.2021
You deserve it

Ndumiso Zitha – 25.11.2021

Basiea Tuta – 25.11.2021
All the best

Shaunush Ambrose – 25.11.2021
Great concept for saving the environment. Keep up the good work.

Andile jodwana – 25.11.2021
Good luck

Sibongiseni – 25.11.2021
Good job

Thabo Phamotse – 25.11.2021
Great work

Zibonele Mqilingwa – 25.11.2021

Sasha Straeuli – 25.11.2021
Ecochar for the win!

Tankiso Bridget – 25.11.2021
Keep good work

Joe – 25.11.2021
Good job! Keep it up.

Matsiliso Lepheana – 25.11.2021
Keep up the good work my brother we are 100hind you

Matsiliso Lepheana – 25.11.2021
Keep up the good my brother we are 100% behind you.

Kwanele Siyengo – 25.11.2021
Love the passion that these guys possess! They’re turning environmental rubbish to economic gold! Keep it up.

Makhethe Motsileng – 25.11.2021
Wonderful work

Kwanele Siyengo – 25.11.2021
Love these guys and their passion! It’s amazing seeing environmental rubbish being turned into economic gold! Love it!

Thabisile Mpila – 25.11.2021
I love your confidence and the way you announce things

Nthabi – 25.11.2021
Pro – Climate solution

Deborah – 25.11.2021
Making a difference in our society is a great work, keep it up.

Khanyi Jozie – 25.11.2021
This single project is tackling so many issues. Great for the environment and ecosystem and communities who rely on the land and water. Wish you the best of luck.

Oupa – 25.11.2021
Creating sustainable environmental

Maryke de Villiers – 25.11.2021
Well done! Keep up the good work

Nwabisa Magengelele – 25.11.2021
Voting for this because it targets alot of issues. Socio-economic, socio-ecological and contributes to sustainable land management practices. People are benefiting from attending to this ecological issue as a business and the environment is being taken care off

Katie Forrest – 25.11.2021
Go Ecochar!!!

Thabiso – 25.11.2021
I believe this is a wonderful climate solution that will see the reduction of harmful alien plants and the subsequent flourishment of our natural ecosystems. Range lands are being restored which help farmers a lot and more water is retained within the environment.

Stellah Muthee – 25.11.2021
Beautiful work by beautiful young people. I wish you all the success.

Aphelele Nongogo – 25.11.2021
They are doing great job, of which it motivates other youth that in the area to start their own business not to wait for employment.

DP LEBELO – 25.11.2021
This is a great idea

Palesa – 25.11.2021
This initiative is very important because invasive and alien plants are a danger to the native plants found in an environment. Alien plants spread rapidly out of control, take up all soil nutrients and water, thus starving the native plants. This will increase food insecurity and potentially have serious repercussions on the soil needed for plantation for the future if not dealt with.

David Gardner – 25.11.2021
EcoChar is a brilliant example of an SMME doing business and doing good. They are helping to prove that private businesses can contribute to climate and environmental goals without being fully funded to do so.

Fezile Matandela – 25.11.2021
Love this initiative. Taking it a step further from just securing/conserving water through the removal of thirsty alien invasives. This builds resilience to fragile ecosytems and communities.

Jonathan Roberts – 25.11.2021

Ntshepiseng Matsunyane – 25.11.2021
Great initiative

Bridget – 25.11.2021
The initiative of clearing thirsty wattle trees releases significant amounts of water into our catchments…. Bravo Rekgo

Kwakhiwa Mshoboyi – 25.11.2021

Bongeka – 24.11.2021
It decreases climate change

Boithabiso – 24.11.2021
It is advantage to the SA tress.

marumo – 24.11.2021
out of the box idea

Nonny – 24.11.2021
All the best

Thembeka – 24.11.2021
It will change climate for the better, sort of save it from worsening

Thembeka – 24.11.2021
It will change climate for the better, sort of save it from worsening

Boitumelo Gwinya – 24.11.2021
Decrease climate change

Sisanda – 24.11.2021
It will decrease climate change

Amahle Giyose – 24.11.2021
Our Planet is polluted by human activities, big Ups to young people for coming up with innovative ideas to save our Planet

Tamsin – 24.11.2021
You are actually doing it. Not just talking about doing it.

Siyanda – 24.11.2021
Alien plants have a huge negative impact on the environment , specifically in South Africa. They decrease surface water runoff and groundwater recharge, causing direct habitat destruction, intensify flooding, and increasing the risk and intensity of wildfires.

Ithabeleng – 24.11.2021
It will decrease climate change

Noluthando – 24.11.2021
It will decrease climate change

Rethabile Jacobine Lepheana – 24.11.2021
What you’re doing is contribution positively to the climate. Keep up the good work we are 100% behind.

Ntlotliseng – 24.11.2021
It will decrease climate change

Makofe – 24.11.2021
Excellent ideas

Phathiswa Malatshana – 24.11.2021
It’s a great opportunity to advance skills in protecting the environment

Asive – 24.11.2021
We need young people like you, who got positive thinking. Keep up with the good work.

Ananius Lepheana – 24.11.2021
Great job keep up the good work

Luvo – 24.11.2021
Very smart and innovative ways for a better future

Rethabile Lepheana – 24.11.2021
What you’re doing is contribution positively to the climate. Keep up the good work.

Andiswa – 24.11.2021

Maria Mankejane Langa – 24.11.2021
Clear Alien plants to reduce soil erosion

Joyce Loza – 24.11.2021
Great programme. Demonstrating the use of aboveground wattle biomass to generate a livelihood source, entrepreneurship opportunities for youth. This is great indeed!!! Go EcoChar, Go!!!!

Alex – 24.11.2021
You’re doing remarkable work.

Sbulele Nonjiwu – 24.11.2021
Well Done

Pontsho – 24.11.2021
it will decrease climate change.

Amahle – 24.11.2021
We need people like him and we need to give him a chance I think he is on to something

Seithati – 24.11.2021
He do good job buy cutting the alien plant’s Nd is going to increase the climate change

Mzamo Enerst Nomsolwana – 24.11.2021

Atang Ramabele – 24.11.2021
Clearing alien invasion is very helpful to the community hence it consumes too much water and grass land. Do you best my brada.

RETHABILE mahase – 24.11.2021

Moiketsi – 24.11.2021
Well done. Good work should be appreciated. Carry on doing good, guys

Polotso Maputle – 24.11.2021
Keep up the good work Mr Mohlauli 👏

Bukelwa – 24.11.2021
Great way to reduce climate change and at the same time uplifting and employing the youth and giving them the skills to better their lives

Christopher Jackson – 24.11.2021
Halaaaala EcoChar halaaaala! Using inovative local solutions global problems.

ReabetsweMaputle – 24.11.2021
Cutting off the alien trees will help a lot on climate change because it will allow our trees to grow and decrease climate change

Kwanele – 24.11.2021
All the best man keep up the good work

Ketshidisitswe Sefoloko – 24.11.2021
All the best Mr Mohlauli

Thembisa – 24.11.2021
All the best

Rethabile – 24.11.2021
Big up for doing a good job for climate change

Zoleka mlanjeni – 24.11.2021
Keep the good work up!!

Katleho – 24.11.2021
I Katleho Tsolele I vote for then

Samuel Sibi – 24.11.2021
Brilliant , great to see young people participate in these programmes,we all behind the initiative.

Faniswa – 24.11.2021
Keep up the good work 👏👏

Rampesi Makatleho – 24.11.2021
All the best😍

Mbuso phamotse – 24.11.2021
All the best

Samir Randera-Rees – 24.11.2021
These young people are doing amazing things and deserve all the support they can get.

Zuko Fekisi – 24.11.2021
I fully support the initiative of transforming wattle into charcoal.This wattle is the threat to our beautiful landscape. Keep the great work guys.

Mpho – 24.11.2021
Wow impressive idea

Neliswa – 24.11.2021
All the best🤗♥️

Mahabe – 24.11.2021
Brilliant. Glad to see young people participating in smart climate solutions

Rorisang Tsautse – 24.11.2021
His really doing good for the community and he is indeed the best candidate.

Sissie Matela – 24.11.2021
The youth are doing amazing work converting the menace that is wattle to family income. Well done!

Heather Kunene – 24.11.2021
Voting for Rekgo

Reatile – 24.11.2021
All the best😍

Thobani May – 24.11.2021
To me, it sounds possible. The idea of turning wattle into charcoal solves alot of socio based challenges faced by the community.

Zine Nohaba – 24.11.2021
I fully support this. This will assist on eradication as we all know black wattle is a wide spread invasive species. And it destroys indigenous vegetation.

Gosego Chakane – 24.11.2021
A very brilliant young man in ths Green business

Cindi Alborough – 24.11.2021
Excellent idea people have no idea of the extent of alien invasive plants like the wattle. Well done

Tebatšo – 24.11.2021
We need more coal because right now we are struggling with loadshedding

R Moodley – 24.11.2021
Helping to save water and making money as well. Win win situation.

Lorraine Keenan – 24.11.2021