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(from Gift



The main recycling challenge in emerging economies is lack of data, lack of collaboration, and insufficient infrastructure for processing waste. The waste industry in these areas is made up of millions of informal collectors who fill a crucial gap left by the formal industry. But few connections exist between both sectors, leaving collectors without financial opportunities and recyclers without the reach and supply they need to grow. In 2020 the world generated 2 billion tons of mostly recyclable waste, but only 10 % of it was recycled, despite demand for recycled materials far outweighing current supply. More than $120 billion of plastic material value alone is lost yearly from inefficient supply chains that prevent waste from being transformed back into resources. This is why Kudoti is focused on building more circular economies by digitizing and optimizing recyclable waste supply chains across waste collectors, aggregators, recyclers, manufacturers and brands. By digitising waste supply chains end-to-end, the Kudoti platform drives up recycling rates by tracking waste supply in real-time and matching it to recycler demand. The increased integration through our platform leads to higher recycling rates as well as increased traceability and verifiability of waste supply chains for brands and municipalities.


The world needs more young people who will prioritize sustainability and circularity over anything else. To achieve this, I believe it’s important to showcase existing case studies contributing to a truly sustainable and circular world. I am applying for this program because I believe I can demonstrate to any young and old person willing to listen that it is possible to build a world where waste is valued and seen as a treasure. Through the program, I expect to reach more people who will learn about the amazing possibilities that can be unlocked in a sustainable world, and after the program, I expect to be a case study of what is possible for young people who focus their talent on sustainability and circularity.


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Sonwabo – 12.12.2021
You are doing a great job, and waste is the main problem especially in townships

Sonwabo – 12.12.2021
You are doing a great job, and waste is the main problem especially in townships

Sonwabo – 12.12.2021
You are doing a great job, and waste is the main problem especially in townships

Sonwabo – 12.12.2021
You are doing a great job, and waste is the main problem especially in townships

Sonwabo – 12.12.2021
You are doing a great job, and waste is the main problem especially in townships

Sonwabo – 12.12.2021
You are doing a great job, and waste is the main problem especially in townships

Mpho – 09.12.2021
Solutions we need

Zandie Mancotywa – 08.12.2021
Great work

Zandie Mancotywa – 08.12.2021
I vote for Gift

Zandie Mancotywa – 08.12.2021
I vote for Gift

Tendai Mugabe – 06.12.2021
Climate change is real let’s support all those who are playing their part! Green business for the win!!

Tendai Mugabe – 06.12.2021
Climate change is real let’s support all those who are playing their part! Green business for the win!!

Tendai Mugabe – 06.12.2021
Climate change is real let’s support all those who are playing their part! Green business for the win!!

Tendai Mugabe – 06.12.2021
Climate change is real let’s support all those who are playing their part! Green business for the win!!

Zethu Zwane – 06.12.2021
Refreshingly innovative! Love to see youth involved in a business that is not only good for the environment, but is also actually sustainable. All the best Gift, you are already a winner!

Miliswa – 05.12.2021
Wow, kuDoti is the future

Thobekile Sibanda – 05.12.2021
I would like to vote for Gift Lubele

Esaya – 04.12.2021
Great innovation

Sphokuhle – 04.12.2021
Mr Lubele has given a good presentation about climate solution & the current focus in his company is reducing the carbon footprint of existing products with another focus on solutions that look for alternative products and alternative value chains to satisfy the world’s core needs. That’s why I’m Voting for him

Mandisa – 03.12.2021
Voting for Gift Lubele! Kudoti is a innovative and youth driven. Things the economy needs to see more of right now.

Prudance Serumula – 02.12.2021
Digitising the informal waste takers is a brilliant idea, this will expose them to more recognition and growth from different stakeholders. Keep up the good work KUDOTI.

G T Mhlanga – 30.11.2021
When the cards are played right. Then life becomes great. This guys is playing them cards right.

G T Mhlanga – 30.11.2021
Wow. Yeah he been doing it and the award will be a cherry on the top. He works hard and so for the effort he deserves it.

Chamuwari Ketano – 30.11.2021
Kudoti address a grass-roots problem in a effective and practical manner.

Jqcob Modiba – 29.11.2021
Excellent social enterprise initiative, all the best with the awards Gift!!

Guinevere Thomas – 29.11.2021
Waste management is a concern for both residential markets or households as well as commercial industries. See recent Carte Blanche episode pertaining to inset control and waste management of Nulaid Eggs where there is a lack of technology .

Baitse Phejane – 29.11.2021
I believe in this solution because the technology makes it easier to replicate in other areas; again the ability to track waste supply in real-time is really innovative.

Njabulo Zwane – 29.11.2021
Digitisation of value chain leaving no stakehold behind @the Presidential Employment Stimulus Initiative ( PESI) # PESI go #PESI champion

Chuma – 28.11.2021
Great work

Sueneil McLeod – 28.11.2021

Sueneil McLeod – 28.11.2021

Innocent Matlala – 28.11.2021
Amazing work Gift !

Innocent Matlala – 28.11.2021
Gift is an incredible entrepreneur and his business is crucial to our environment.

Justice Sambo – 28.11.2021
Outstanding and inspiring work

Justice Sambo – 28.11.2021
Outstanding and inspiring work

Justice Sambo – 28.11.2021
Outstanding and inspiring work

Justice Sambo – 28.11.2021
Outstanding and inspiring work

Thompho tshishonga – 28.11.2021
I am voting for gift lubele he’s doing an amazing job

Cecilia – 28.11.2021
Climate innovations crucial for climate action

Batsi Mphahlele – 27.11.2021
This is definitely an innovative and effective solution. Well done #TeamKudoti

Malusi Mkhungo – 27.11.2021
Gift Lubele is a phenomenal entrepreneur, who is a solution provider and critical thinker in the climate change industry, his collaboration has added a positive impact.

H NEPFUMBADA – 26.11.2021
I want the voucher

Humbulani – 26.11.2021
I would love to get this voucher

Charlene Appies – 26.11.2021
I support the initiative to improve current supply chains for waste materials.

Elelwani sikhitha – 26.11.2021
Best of luck Gift

Ona Xolo – 26.11.2021
I have always had a great interest in the Work gift does and highly grateful to get the chance to support his work the best way I can.

Charnelle Khoza – 26.11.2021
All the best, Gift!

John Tshobela Mkhabela – 26.11.2021
Save our planet with your great work. We need renewable energy in South Africa.

Tokologo Moralo – 26.11.2021

Samkelo – 26.11.2021
I vote for Gift Lubele. Such an inspiration to the youth

Kgothatso – 26.11.2021
Wish you all the best

Zolani Madikazi – 26.11.2021
It’s good to see the Youth taking their seat at the Climate Table and coming up with innovative ways in reducing carbon emissions.

Asonele Gevenga – 26.11.2021
Waste collection by informal collectors also needs to be recycled. This presents opportunity for informal collectors to also make money from their waste collection.

Finkie Lubele – 26.11.2021
All the best Gift

Brian – 26.11.2021
I’ve been following on the kudoti timeline and I am impressed by the work that Lubele and his team have done by far, his idea behind introducing technology in the waste sector is exactly what the informal recyclers really need because through technology we will be able to introduce a lot more young people who never thought recyclables can bring a living in the present and future years to come. For as long as people see waste pickers as poor/ struggling individuals, we will never combat the fight against climate change. Lets add a little input to the climate war by supporting those who are already ahead in the space

Phuti Ramara – 26.11.2021

Amina Patterson – 26.11.2021
This solution is desperately needed. The informal waste picker is the unsung hero in our communities and any initiative that looks at including and solving for empowering these stakeholders is a winner in my mind.

Thabo Theron – 26.11.2021
Saving the planet from climate change is no longer a choice..

Mokgadi Sekete – 26.11.2021
It’s about time. Mass dumping can no longer be a solution for SA. I’m glad to see us join the global movement of waste management!

Serapeng Given Rafapa – 26.11.2021
Its a greater idea

Dickson – 26.11.2021
I love what kudoti is doing. I have seen this company from its inception to in awards winning company. Well done Gift and Matthieu.

Nkuli Mavuso – 26.11.2021
we all have a role to play on saving the planet…

Walter Nyirongo – 26.11.2021
It’s good to see the youth saving the world with outstanding innovation….Lets keep it moving…

Marcus Chabane – 26.11.2021
Gift Lubele

Kamogelo Michelle Makwela – 26.11.2021
All the best.

Himkaar – 25.11.2021
Gift is a phenomenal entrepreneur who fully deserves this award

Bantu – 25.11.2021
I think this is a great initiative, Im happy I can be part of It with this vote

Paballo Gololo – 25.11.2021
This is a great job

Thabo sithole – 25.11.2021
By changing our habits we can tackle the climate emergency.

Lerato Gololo – 25.11.2021
I’ve always thought this was and still is a great initiative, well done on everything you’ve achieved and more still to come… All the best

Anna Lubele – 25.11.2021
Water is life .we all need energy to brighten our dark planet,so let’s keep it clean by collecting waste so we can live in a healthy green environment. I love you my Gift

Nonkululeko – 25.11.2021

Junior Sebothoma – 25.11.2021
@Gift is such an inspiration to many and he is doing amazing stuff . Thanks for protecting the environment 🙌

Sally Acton – 25.11.2021
This is the best solution! Creates jobs AND helps the planet. Love this

Refiloe Matalingoane – 25.11.2021
Gift is a highly motivated individual who is inspiring young people from all over South Africa to dream big and never give up. Innovation and entrepreneurship is the key to solving our countries youth unemployment crisis. Keep shining Gift.

Siphumelelo Kwinana – 25.11.2021
I vote for Gift Lubele for remarkable leadership and positive impact for climate solution through his Organization Kudoti

Refilwe Ndaba – 25.11.2021

Tsepiso – 25.11.2021
A very practical and important solution

Sam – 25.11.2021
I believe in you

Farai Dziike – 25.11.2021
The concept developed by the Kudoti company is critical for sustainable green economy

Muzi Nkosi – 25.11.2021
As an innovator, Gift sees waste for what it is, a commodity with unlimited application potential. When we see plastic he sees gold. Congratulations in advance.

Lerato Lovedaile – 25.11.2021
Gift lubele i think his an self motivated individual who always assits in the community and always open to opportunities that promotes positive empowerment to the youth and the community as a whole

Lerato – 25.11.2021
Its important to look after our environment so that we live a healthy life

Sello Mmakola – 25.11.2021
Kudoti from Gift lubele

Mpumelelo Ndamane – 25.11.2021
he’s been doing work in this space for a while and has been consistently preaching the same message. give this man the prize!!!!

Sinikiwe Phahlane – 25.11.2021
Keep up the good work!

Bertha Kgokong – 25.11.2021
The greatest idea.

Thabile Ndubane – 25.11.2021
All the best

Bubu – 25.11.2021
It’s a no brainer to pick Gift, especially with the work he has done at Kudoti. He is managing to do some amazing stuff making sure that the biggest existential crisis the world finds itself in is addressed

Baphicile Magwaza – 25.11.2021
I vote for Gift

Portia – 25.11.2021
My vote to Gift Lubele best candidate Good luck gift… Wish you all the best

Amber – 25.11.2021
I Couldn’t Think For A Better Candidate Than Gift. His Smart,Intelligent And Interested In Change The World For The Better Through The Waste Industry

Ilhaam – 25.11.2021
Good luck!

Nicole Vorster – 25.11.2021
Good luck Gift!! Great initiative!

Tshiwela Ncube – 25.11.2021
I love this initiative. I hold recycling very close to my heart. Keep pushing

EBRAHIM – 25.11.2021
Great initiative. Keep up the good work!

Jacqueline Willems – 25.11.2021
Good luck Gift!

Cornelius – 25.11.2021
Gift is an inspiration.

Sphamandla Mkhwanazi – 25.11.2021
Well done bro we keep seeing you shinning and may you continue to rise and Inspire

Goodness Ndlovu – 25.11.2021
I think it’s a very good presentation and as you all can see south afrika is dirty I mean ver polluted

Mangaliso – 25.11.2021
The is a good idea, and seems to going to be a very essential one for the protection of our climate for future generations. The best thing about it is that is was bought up by a young person, this goes to show that not all youth has given up hope due to the effects of climate change and the pandemic.

Winnie matiwane – 25.11.2021
Inspiring young man

Thomas Bongani Hart – 25.11.2021
Cool product and team

Calvin Rodda – 25.11.2021
Gift continues to provide innovative solutions.

Mmabatho – 25.11.2021
All the best

Mauritz Robertson – 25.11.2021
Gift is a natural leader and innovator. He deserves the accolades.

Mpho Martha Petlele – 25.11.2021
Plant more trees. This will increase oxygen levels and it’s good for green conservation.

Gotsebamang – 25.11.2021
I cast my vote for Gift Lubele

Thandeka Malaza – 25.11.2021
I appreciate how the narrative doesn’t just talk about how beneficial to future generations this is only in the context of recycling , but also how it is efficient to do so even in a socio-economic manner to both the present and future generations . It’s a beautiful idea and I believe it would be a great indication of what is achievable on the current South African landscape .

Acry Lebepe – 25.11.2021
The world is moving to digital and digitalizing the waist collection to save the world from climate change is a way to got, it may help to grow and benefit the industry and reduce weist contaminants in the environment

Maymoona Ismail – 25.11.2021
Brilliant innovative thinking to solve for two critically important issues in SA. Waste management and economic inclusion

Kwena Rammutla – 25.11.2021
Go get it

Simphiwe Vincent Mhlongo – 25.11.2021
I support it

Nkhutse – 25.11.2021
Great initiative! Wishing you the best.

Portia – 25.11.2021
All the best Gift!

Kgololo Lekoma – 25.11.2021
Consider linking with “politically aweh” they run a climate change content series educating South Africans on the challenges of climate change. I think the collab with what you are already doing will maximize momentum

Moeketsi Makhene – 25.11.2021
The main recycling challenge in emerging economies is lack of data, lack of collaboration, and insufficient infrastructure for processing waste. The waste industry in these areas is made up of millions of informal collectors who fill a crucial gap left by the formal industry.

Portia – 25.11.2021
All the best Gift!

Gloria – 25.11.2021
Such a great initiative, all the best

Koketso Mathapo – 25.11.2021
The growing urbanization, and increased demand of FMCG products driven by the increasing increase in the population in emerging markets. Subsequently, managing waste is a key objective of solving the global grand challange of waste. On the whole, Kudoti’s Strategic Initiative is well in life with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Consequently, the business is geared in the right direction, and ahead of the incumbents – in the emerging market contentext.

Moshe maja – 25.11.2021
Gift lubele

Tariro Mushonga – 25.11.2021
Very interested to learn how they actually digitize waste collection

Mthokozisi Magubane – 25.11.2021
This solution is a superb idea and has the potential to set the platform for greater sustainability solutions

Nosipho Zwane – 25.11.2021
Well done on the amazing work that you and your team are doing to drive sustainability forward! So exciting to see a solution that’s also empowering informal waste collectors. All the best!!!!

Jesicca Mabunda – 25.11.2021
Well presented

Maretha Setsheho – 25.11.2021
Gift is such an inspiration to all young people. I love the fact that he works with people who are mostly looked down upon and is also working hard to save the environment. Kudos to him and I believe there’s a lot that he can do once he is given the opportunity to show case his talent.

Lesego – 25.11.2021
Gift Lubele

Sammy Gwatidzo – 25.11.2021
Kudoti’s vision to digitalise the informal waste sector is a truly innovative idea. It is so important that the pioneers of waste management in this country (informal guys that work hard day in & day out) are not left behind in formalising this sector and that they form an integral part of this revolution and Kudoti understands this.

Dintle – 25.11.2021
It’s well researched and has innovative ideas which will improve efficiency within the waste sector. I like how they’ve collaborated with local brands instead of outsourcing. 👌

Angeline Mogaladi – 25.11.2021
Keep our Planet clean

Kgothatso – 25.11.2021
Hope you for the best

Jabu Hobyane – 25.11.2021
I am proud of you bro, Ex schoolmate. You are my inspiration

Thandi – 25.11.2021
All wish you to win

Sibusiso – 25.11.2021
This is the idea that will change the world climate change, it will make a huge impact in our world.

Zakhona Jabulile Majola – 25.11.2021
I think this is a good idea considering our unemployment crisis in South Africa, recycling does not need much skills. I’m all for it.

Kabelo – 25.11.2021
Wish you good luck

Evah – 25.11.2021
It’s always a great thing to save the climate

Sanata – 25.11.2021
A debate on climate change has been there for decades but I think the society has to be enforced on our generation and things like air pollution,deforestation and other pollutants to be minimised and that can be achieved through awareness and also adverts on social media and television as the generation that is present is a electronic generation

Boitshepo Gopane – 25.11.2021
Climate is all what we need now to the best for last.

Basani – 25.11.2021
Good luck!

Lebo – 25.11.2021
It’s a gud thing and we need more education on climate change more especially in rural areas

Ntokozo Nzima – 25.11.2021
No comment

Fatima Jili – 25.11.2021
I agree with this solution, digitisation would improve efficiency as information will flow among stakeholders

James – 25.11.2021
Go Gift, this one is yours!!!!

Kutlwano Tlhoaele – 25.11.2021
Simple yet so effective. This climate solutuon is indeed what the world needs right now. Power to you Gift. 👌✊

Derick – 25.11.2021
Great way to Save the climate whilst empowering the waste pickers with the latest technology big ups

Tebatso Maphothoma – 25.11.2021
All the best ..Team KUDOTI

Nomathemba – 25.11.2021
I’m so proud of our young people, the change they bring in our society and their hardwork is remarkable. I wish them well!

Reloef – 25.11.2021
Digitization of utilities will help with management and help with real time activities or results for stakeholders.

Nkosinathi – 25.11.2021
Gift is a amazing trial blazer

Naledi Dikotla – 25.11.2021
Absolutely love this! All the best! To the top we go✨

Katlego Tshetlo – 25.11.2021
Truly love how this solution is solving a real problem in SA

Obakeng Matlhoko – 25.11.2021
A core and important variable companies need to consider is security of supply. Executives need to create “a circular economy culture” in their organisations where end of life products are sufficiently recycled and reintroduced in the manufacturing process as inputs. Think of it as regenerative breaking technology in EV’s and what impact it’s had on usability and range extension… Now Gift is doing that for planet earth.”

Nobuhle – 25.11.2021
I would love to see Gift lubelo wins the vote

Kaylin Phillips – 25.11.2021
I am really inspired by what Gift and Kudoti are doing. Technology solving real-life problems is the future!

Thabang – 25.11.2021
Keep up good work beothee

Sifiso Tshabalala – 25.11.2021
Gift Lubele deserve an award. He is bringing a lot of change in the world.

Kopano Mere – 25.11.2021
Incredible work team Kudoti!!

Thabang Molomo – 25.11.2021
In support to the South African Youth Climate Innovation

Thulani Kekana – 25.11.2021
This solution put into motion will change the recycling industry and contribute to climate change drastically, what I like is that it focuses on the primary things like informal recyclers. It’s life changing and it should be given a chance .

Katlego Maduse – 25.11.2021
The most helpful person I know within the recycling sector.I’ve engaged with him not too many times but the impact he has had on my recycling company is massive. Keep it up young blood… the sky is the limit

Mpho Sedibe – 25.11.2021
Very insightful gift. The informal waste pickers really are the engine that keeps our streets clean. It would be awesome to be able to exert enough power to get these pickers better rates on what they pick. It could even be one of the key levers in self-generated employment, where we all have equal access to making a return on our waste. We’ll done Gift, and kudos to Kudoti

Nelisiwe Ndimande – 25.11.2021
Knowing Gift Lubele personally , we attended the same High school he has always been passionate about turning waste into something good. Very proud of him for getting this far .

Keneilwe Mnisi – 25.11.2021
Climate solution is the nest I can think of for now. We’ll done Gift.

Pontsho Mjava – 25.11.2021
I’m very impressed by gift lubele

Pontsho Mjava – 25.11.2021
Gift lubele he’s intelligent boy honestly deserves these award

Walter Thamaha – 25.11.2021
I believe the circular economy has great challenges but also offers great opportunities for innovative solutions such as kudoti.

Mandilakhe – 25.11.2021
Thank you so much for putting us on a bigger space Gift

Malcolm Mooi – 25.11.2021
Definitely an advocate for youth and sustainability. Kudoti gets my vote ✅

Moekanyi – 25.11.2021
Great initiative!

Mokgadi Mashala – 25.11.2021
Good initiative!!💯👏🏽 All the best.

Lethabo Sekhu – 25.11.2021
Really amazing initiative. Wishing you all the best

Thabiso Mongane – 25.11.2021
Hope you win Gift

Kelvin Macharia – 25.11.2021
Amazing work, continue with the same spirit

Patty Mafagane – 25.11.2021
All the best

sandra chauke – 25.11.2021
Good initiative

Olwethu Zide – 25.11.2021
Well done Gift, you’ve made some tremendous contributions and I’m happy to cast my vote for you!

Clayborne Appies – 25.11.2021
We all have a responsibility to look after the earth we live in, the work Kudoti is doing speaks proudly and loudly!

Bontle Tshole – 25.11.2021
All the best

Mogomotsi Msumba – 25.11.2021
Kudoti is an innovative platform that grants the recycling industry the edge for growth.

Ropafadzo Musvaire – 25.11.2021
Go team Kudoti!

Thabang Mdluli – 25.11.2021
This is a guy you come and your life changes he makes you believe that the world is in of you , I’m currently being inspired by his work and it is a blessing to have this guy in South Africa, we need gamechangers like him , next thing u see him on the field talking vernacular profoundly particularly sesotho and xitsonga

jacques de Villiers – 25.11.2021
Gift and his team are building a world class organisation and solution to a pertinent climate issue

Mbali Radebe – 25.11.2021
All the best

Tumelo – 25.11.2021
Lovely contribution to the preservation of OUR future 🔥🔥🔥

Carla – 25.11.2021
innovative and leveraging off existing factors

Basha Pillay – 25.11.2021
This young man is going to change the world and is doing fantastic work to solve problems that impact the climate and environment.

Ongezwa Magudu – 25.11.2021
An increase in recycling rates and proving data that is currently scarce especially in this digital Era is one of the most important information we need. Solution driven!

Kudakwashe Clifford Mazhetese – 25.11.2021
Loved his TEDx Talk on Climate Action

Nkoma Admire Mninginisi – 25.11.2021
We are the future’s only hope, let us be.

Mboneni Radebe – 25.11.2021
Gift is an inspirational and outstanding young entrepreneur who continues to make positive contribution to the society at large.

Penelope Koloti – 25.11.2021
I support recycling as it is currently one of the greatest innovatives which could create employment for the youth. There is a lot in which I recently learned about recycling and hope the youth could give it some attention so that they can realize the importance.

Beatrice Mathebula – 24.11.2021
This is a great initiative. Wishing you the best of luck.