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(from Khensani Tigatabo



Tiga farm park is owned by a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree graduate, so it is a company that is introducing sustainable methods of farming such as reducing overgrazing, soil rehabilitation through inercropping, using less pesticides and chemical manure. We integrate farming activities to create a diversity in our income stream. We reduce our carbon footprint in Agriculture through using 0 tractors and other fuel based farm implements. We save our most valuable limited resources such as water and land through modern integrated systems. We have multiple streams of income so we donot depend only on keeping the same animal or crop, this really maximize the land use, we donot debush most of the area we conserve the natural space.


I expect to gain more exposure towards sustainable Agriculture, more business learning and mentoring and all means of support possible. I expect to gain so much information such that i empower other young female graduates likey self to start their own thing, not only that but i expect to have support from people who in the business industry and possibly build beneficial relationships. I expect to be introduced to business expects for mentorship and a Nobel prize for my innovative means of local adaptation.


Shamim – 07.03.2022

Sayed – 06.03.2022
All the best wished

George Ogalo – 05.03.2022
I believe climate change supposed to be taken seriously, it plays big role in our daily lifes.

sara bashir – 05.03.2022
great vision and mision

sara bashir – 05.03.2022
great vision and mission keep going

Paulo – 05.03.2022
NIce Experience

SYED LAYAQ ALI – 05.03.2022
Amazing and very useful.

aidonia pavlopoulou – 05.03.2022
Nice video .Good informations.

khuram shahzad – 05.03.2022
your content is very good congratulation.

Vina E – 05.03.2022
This is very informative

Kingsley Obi – 04.03.2022
Climate problem needs to be solved completely for our country and Africa as a whole

trang – 04.03.2022
Your voice is so interesting. The program and solution are very meaningful. A vote for reader

Marianne Diedericks – 03.03.2022
Thank you for your view towards job creation and the impact your efforts will have on the environment.

Leticia – 03.03.2022
In my opinion it’s a great idea, these climate innovations will help young people a lot and then the environment, great initiative

Kasengemena – 02.03.2022
interesting and informative thanks

Pihu sharma – 02.03.2022
great!!!very hard work

A – 02.03.2022
Nice experience

A – 02.03.2022
Good experience

Silpa Anuraj – 02.03.2022
It was so nice ..good presentation

Silpaudayakumar – 02.03.2022
It was so nice and this vedio is very informative

Mina ahmed – 02.03.2022
these are very well researched.

soha – 02.03.2022
I feel this is very good

soha – 02.03.2022
I feel this is very good

Mandar Kulkarni – 01.03.2022
Nice Video presentation…

JulesNjoki – 01.03.2022
Wow I like this

Cutlass – 28.02.2022
Good presentation.

Jack – 28.02.2022
This was nice presentation and a great initiative for a sustainable agriculture industry. Wish you best of luck

Misael Romero – 27.02.2022
Exelente me gusto mucho esta información

Karthik – 27.02.2022
The information provided was good

Karthik – 27.02.2022
It was so nice and I’m glad that I got opportunity to see this video

Wellington Barcelos – 27.02.2022
Parabéns ao Parque Agrícola Tiga pela excelente iniciativa. É de empresas como esta que o planeta precisa!

LANI PAMBUAN – 26.02.2022
Impressive! Awesome climate solution.

LANI PAMBUAN – 26.02.2022
Impressive! Big help for a climate solution.

Kabir hossen – 26.02.2022
Great inovation and hard work

Raees Khan – 26.02.2022
Excellent 👌 video

Rajeshri k – 24.02.2022
Very nice and good for all climate solution is to prepare for fite all problems.

Rajeshri k – 24.02.2022
So nice and good climate solution is to prepare for all fite and solve the problem.

Ricky Samson – 23.02.2022
Ambitious and Noble Goal. It will most likely need that EVERYBODY cooperate. Send me an email and I might be able to have a long term solution for you which does not require large out of pocket outlay. Involve the God of Israel through the Hebrew Scriptures. May God, Creator of heaven and earth, bless you.

Beryl Akoth – 23.02.2022
Very informative piece. Thanks

LIZA – 22.02.2022

Rozeena G – 21.02.2022
Such good steps to save our climate are vital.. hats off…

Ranjit Darnal – 18.02.2022
This video has great informative, must watch.

Anuradha Chaudhary – 18.02.2022
Thank you for sharing this informative video.

Jigg Var – 17.02.2022
Your vision of eco friendly plant is amazing video

Vaibhav – 16.02.2022
I truly support this cause, infact I once participated in tree planting activity organized by an NGO

Azay Prajapati – 13.02.2022
Nice information

Civilchief – 11.02.2022
Very intresting topic, thankd fir sharing this

Juma Mbalushi – 11.02.2022
Great inovation and hard work. Together we can save mother earth.

Kishun fekar – 11.02.2022
I love you

luis gabriel gonzalez negrini – 10.02.2022
Nice video very interesting .

luis gabriel gonzalez negrini – 10.02.2022
Excelente video, muy informativo e interesante .

Oriana Bravo – 10.02.2022
Excelente video muy informatico 100% recomendado

Oriana Bravo – 10.02.2022
Excelente video informativo recomendado 100%

Andrea Lorena Cufré – 10.02.2022
IT is very interesting. So, my vote for you.

Nirmal singh Parihar – 10.02.2022
Jal prdhushd km kre

Shobha Mishra – 10.02.2022
Nice information 👍

Fejiro – 10.02.2022
Very detailed and well planned.

Ahasan Habib – 27.01.2022
Well, thought and planned this project TIGA Fun Trading. Go ahead

Monica wanjiru – 19.01.2022
We like the climate solution and we need more solutions

Nada Faisal – 18.01.2022
I liked this video

BIKON NATH – 11.01.2022
Thank you sir, You information are helpful for me

Magaly Sánchez – 11.01.2022
Siempre en apoyo de toda iniciativa viable y sostenible para la preservación del ambiente. Adelante

SF DU Plessis – 11.01.2022
Absolutely wonderful and informative. Thanks!

bright githui – 10.01.2022
wonderful initiative

Lahan88 – 07.01.2022
Great video

Neethu Rakesh – 06.01.2022
Its informative. Thank you

Pawan Kumar – 03.01.2022
Nice one

Rajesh Jain – 31.12.2021
Very much informative!

Naveen – 30.12.2021
nice video

Millicent Mmayi – 29.12.2021
I recommend the youth to deal with climate change issues therefore my vote to support them

Farhan Zaman – 28.12.2021
This video was very helpful

Milton KB Gaspar – 28.12.2021
Thanks. Continue with this vídeos!

Sachin Cholke – 26.12.2021
Well done 👍 Great work

ismael colina – 23.12.2021
ese es un tema que nos concierna a todos a ricos y podres porque todos vivimos en este planeta y tenemos que tener conciencia de que debemos cuidarlo no contaminando

rubenchopanita – 21.12.2021
excellent video

RAHUL MEENA – 21.12.2021

aneeta – 20.12.2021
super video

Kalpa Pathirana – 20.12.2021
very good initiative to develop the Agriculture sector.

MIREYA SOSA – 19.12.2021

Omachonah Ambrose – 19.12.2021
This is really a nice movement

Omachonah Ambrose – 19.12.2021
This is really an amazing movement

Sona – 18.12.2021
Great video

Zarmeena – 18.12.2021

amir shahzad – 17.12.2021
super fantestic

Katiuska – 17.12.2021
Un video muy informativo. Gracias.

rashedul – 15.12.2021
very ecofriendly product

rashedul – 15.12.2021

Mohammed Abdur Razzaque – 14.12.2021
This is an alarming and important issues for discussion to get a safe Earth.

Oscar Silva – 12.12.2021
Very important information about this topic. I like it.

Nieves Araujo – 11.12.2021
Successes and may your dreams be achievede

Yasmin – 10.12.2021
I agree this

Yasmin – 10.12.2021
I agree this

Dipa Aktar – 08.12.2021

Jane Ndung’u – 07.12.2021
Good information about climate change.thanks

Jane Ndung’u – 07.12.2021
Amazing information thanks.

Magaly – 05.12.2021
Es esperanzador saber que las Instituciones están realizando acciones en pro de la preservación del planeta

aloo mula – 04.12.2021

Ncamiso – 03.12.2021
Well done sisi

Jabulile – 03.12.2021
Really good innovation

Pritam Manna – 03.12.2021
This is a very good idea on agriculture 👍

Pritam Manna – 03.12.2021
Very good idea it is on agriculture.

Lorimmer – 03.12.2021
Nice work sisi

Michael – 03.12.2021
Good presentation

Ahmed Hassan Iqbal – 03.12.2021
it is good.

Maria – 03.12.2021

Nompumelelo – 03.12.2021
All good

Reginah – 03.12.2021
Good work

Queen – 03.12.2021
Nice work girl

Harsimran Kaur – 03.12.2021
Good job .

Harsimran Kaur – 03.12.2021
Good job.

I love Agriculture because it is an innovative program for her. Secondly the Agriculture is the backbone of the economy.

Goodness Nikiwe – 03.12.2021
My vote can make change

Riswana – 03.12.2021
Very nice

Sue – 02.12.2021

Zusiphe – 02.12.2021
Any solutions that are geared towards tackling food insecurity are worth looking into.

Bithi – 01.12.2021
Nice 1

Bithi – 01.12.2021

Bithi – 01.12.2021

majid nasr – 01.12.2021
Very Nice Awesome informative video too

vitor candeias – 30.11.2021
very good

Cebile – 29.11.2021
Good job

Cynthia wesonga – 29.11.2021
This is so educative

Cynthia wesonga – 29.11.2021
Nice project

Biggy Evans – 29.11.2021
Good work

Biggy Evans – 29.11.2021
Good work

addali med – 28.11.2021
very nice

Nomzamo – 28.11.2021

Thokozile – 28.11.2021
Nice one

Timothy – 28.11.2021

Tsam – 28.11.2021
Cool platform 😂

Sadanand K Koli – 28.11.2021
Great Initiative

Perseverance – 28.11.2021

Rihana Fernandez – 27.11.2021
amazing post

Dhahabu – 27.11.2021
This is the way to go

Nompumelelo – 27.11.2021
Good presentation

Makhosazana Princess Qabathule – 27.11.2021
I come from rural area of IXopo, we have been experiencing the same challenge they solving. This is a solution to our local food growers. I support your adea

Salman Shaikat – 26.11.2021
Really a great initiative

Ntumeleng – 26.11.2021
May the youth climates innovation continue innovatingabroad.

Nondumiso Sambo – 26.11.2021
This is a good opportunity to deal with climate.

Olga – 26.11.2021
Climate changes everyday and we complain about the changes since they’re becoming less favourable. For example since the spring season started, it has been raining non stop and that is causing flood and crops to not grow because of the excessive water they receiving. It consequently impact both positive and negative. Mostly being negative. It all leads to the question: what causes climate change? We human contribute to the change of climate by deforestation and polluting the air…However we dont know what can he done to resolve such things or to do to do avoid such things for happening in the future. Hence why the South African youth innovation awards. They teach us about the do’s and don’ts.

Ayesha Shaukat – 26.11.2021
Nice good work

Juanita Viljoen – 26.11.2021
What a brilliant concept.

Mukelo Magagula – 26.11.2021
Sustainability is needed. Wonderful presentation

Dineo Malopa – 26.11.2021
Team Khensane all the way

Siya – 26.11.2021
Great presentation

Mohlala Lawrence – 26.11.2021
Keep doing good for the Mzansi

Good to see…go ahead

Thembi – 26.11.2021
Nice work from the youth, keep up

Madoda – 26.11.2021
Good work

Wendy Ndloloti – 26.11.2021
Great idea

Wendy Ndloloti – 26.11.2021
We need more ways to get our youth interested in farming and creating jobs opportunities.

Patrick Nyathi – 26.11.2021
We need to expand the spreed of knowledge regarding climate change activities to help all community members to play their part

Nouman Aziz – 26.11.2021
There should be a less number of carbon emitting industries.

Muhammad Affandi – 26.11.2021
That’s good. Keep it up this project!

Maria José Dos Santos – 25.11.2021
Muito bom

Witney – 25.11.2021

Jennifer – 25.11.2021

Sthabile – 25.11.2021
Love to see this.

Moncef Chorfi – 25.11.2021
very good

Zacharia Leimela – 25.11.2021
I am so motivated and learned a lot

Khensani thela – 25.11.2021
Im voting for khensani

Gram – 25.11.2021

Oregopotse – 25.11.2021

Viet Tien – 25.11.2021
Good for everyone

Viet Tien – 25.11.2021
Good for everyone

Akbar Hayat – 25.11.2021
A nice one content..

Thabang – 25.11.2021
Clear context, we need more innovative solutions like this from young people

Đào – 25.11.2021
Video is very good

Đào – 25.11.2021
Video is very good

Surprise – 25.11.2021

Simelane – 25.11.2021

Princess – 25.11.2021
Well presented

Kumaragurubaran M – 25.11.2021
Good explanation regarding current climate situations

Nompumelelo Mnguni – 25.11.2021
Change is good, great work big up

Monica – 25.11.2021
Climate change is a problem facing the world and few people are taking it seriously. Great job, congratulations.

Nhlanhla MNGUNI – 25.11.2021
This is good news and a very good work from u and your team. Keep it up.

Sthembiso Mpetsheni – 25.11.2021

Shamaine Shungube – 25.11.2021
Climate change is a problem facing the world and not alot of people are taking it serious. It is important to take every little step to inform and make a change.

Khethiwe – 25.11.2021
I love how they will be using eco-friendly ways to bring about agriculture into our economy. Because this is a start in saving our planet and prolonging the life of nature.

Nokuthanda – 25.11.2021
Great work m so proud of u dear …..

Biggy Evans – 25.11.2021
Great Work,I am impressed how you managed to explain everything fully in less than 2 minutes.

Refilwe – 25.11.2021

Merona – 25.11.2021
It is good idea to our environment. As it will enhance our carbondioxide

Merona – 25.11.2021
It is really good idea for our environment. As it will enhance carbondioxide

Khensani thela – 25.11.2021
Im voting for khensani thela

Zweli – 25.11.2021
Wonderful sustainability

Vishal awasthi – 25.11.2021
Very nice and better

Bonginkosi given – 25.11.2021
Will helping young people to earn a living through enterepreneurship can make a crucial contribution to proverty reduction and uleash the economics potential of youth, and promote sustainable grouth

Nyiko – 25.11.2021
Great work sis

Bonginkosi given – 25.11.2021
Will helping young people to earn a living through enterepreneurship can make a crucial contribution to poverty reduction and uleash the economics potential of youth, and promote sustainable grouth

Nombuso – 25.11.2021
Be the change that you want see around your community or the country as a whole

Pollet – 25.11.2021
Like how you managed to explain everything fully in less than 2 minutes, great work very detailed.

Confidence – 25.11.2021
Really good

Viola – 25.11.2021
Nice work sis

Shabangu Zibuse – 25.11.2021
I voted for change in the service delivery hoping for better future

Cornells – 25.11.2021
Keep going

Cedrick – 25.11.2021
Go youth

Bathabile – 25.11.2021

Peter – 25.11.2021
May your pitch win

Abel Matikwane – 25.11.2021
Nice presentation

Alexis – 25.11.2021
Great work

Abram Monageng – 25.11.2021
Nice presentation, good framework

Naina – 25.11.2021
Greater video

Audrey – 25.11.2021

Morzina – 25.11.2021
verry nice video

Alitha – 25.11.2021
Great presentation

Morzina – 25.11.2021
verry nice video

Grace Phiri – 25.11.2021

Thuytran – 25.11.2021
Rất hữu ích

ParakhmoniBorGohain Gogoi – 25.11.2021

Mduduzi – 25.11.2021
I am excited about many of these advancements and look forward to seeing what’s next.

Thuytran – 25.11.2021
Giải pháp rất thu hút

Vaibhav Jagtap – 25.11.2021

Gowri – 25.11.2021

Adquiver Natalio – 25.11.2021
El futuro de la tierra esta en los proyectos agricolas sostenibles, felicitaciones por su proyecto.

Gowri – 25.11.2021
Good keep it up

Vaibhav Jagtap – 25.11.2021

Lloyd – 25.11.2021
Good innovative ideas with potential to grow and change livelihoods

Gerald Khumalo – 25.11.2021
Such initiatives are important and we need more of them

Andries Ndlovu – 25.11.2021
Nice presatation

Collen – 25.11.2021

Calvin – 25.11.2021
I’m impressed by this presentation.

Philios Thela – 25.11.2021
Great idea 👌, We need more ideas like this, that will ensure sustainable farming by a significant amount and also increase employment rates at the same time

Ayanda – 25.11.2021
I like the fact that this project will hit 2 birds with one stone… Fights climate change and unemployment… I hope it becomes a success

Witney – 24.11.2021
Such a brilliant idea .looking forward to seeing this project growing

Chrissie – 24.11.2021
Such brilliant ideas. Sustainability is the only solution to not just env but socioeconomic issues as well. It would be great to see the initiative in practice. Big up!

Thabiso Khumalo – 24.11.2021
No comment

Promise – 24.11.2021
Great work

Thoko Phesane – 24.11.2021
What an interesting project… I’m looking forward to see it grow.

Sibusiso – 24.11.2021
Submitting a vote

Siphosihle Masuku – 24.11.2021

Ucondile Dlamini – 24.11.2021
Tiga fun trading is a company that empowers young women and the community at large to practice green farming. Our planet is highly affected by the use of chemicals hence the vision and values of this company will assist in the reduction of climatic conditions. Great work Tiga.

Monica – 24.11.2021
Well thought and planned out 👏 Congratulations for making it this far and all the best going forward. #AgricultureIsTheFuture

Prevail – 24.11.2021
Amazing, as part of South African youth this has motivated and educated me!

Nobuhle Pinky Nsibanyoni – 24.11.2021
Tiga Fun Trading is the solution to our climate problems. It is a very innovative and sustainable project for the future.

Jabu Dlamini – 24.11.2021
helps in nature conservation . and also for the empowerment of the youth.

Portia – 24.11.2021

Promise – 24.11.2021
Great work

Promise – 24.11.2021
Great work

Promise – 24.11.2021
Opportunity pls

Sithabile ndwandwe – 24.11.2021
Sustainable agriculture is the future, and its the best way to mitigate climate change.

Promise – 24.11.2021
Opportunity for if there any 🙏

Unathi – 24.11.2021
I think that this is an awesome and much needed initiative that supports the concept of sustainability really well. I hope that this project will be successful and effective. Go TIGA Fun Trading.

Linda Metiso – 24.11.2021
Great work

Themba Ndlovu – 24.11.2021
Wow great presentation,may you win ,TIGA FUN TRADING is the future.

Sinikeziwe Mhlongo – 24.11.2021
Kindly extend the expiry date for my voucher

Princess Themba – 24.11.2021
Khensane Thela

Thobile Magagula – 24.11.2021
I vote for Tiga Fun Trading because it empowers our young people of today to think out of the box for not to wait for employment but to create employment for themselves and others ,especially using our very own natural resources. I thank you

Hellen Nxumalo – 24.11.2021
This sounds Interesting, would love to be a part of it someday

Aziza Mahomed – 24.11.2021
I love everything I saw from beginning till the end.. Epic!!

Siphe Magaga – 24.11.2021
I vote for Khensani. Her project focuses on the tourism aspect of agriculture. Projects like these are very important because they help sustain the environment whilst contributing to economic growth. Our country’s climate is special in the sense that we have a diverse range of plants and regions that need to be protected so that future generations can also benefit. This project seems to tackle that duty.

Nomcebo – 24.11.2021
I love the fact that you are using the animals excretions instead of using manufactured plants fertilizers.

Khensani Thela – 24.11.2021
Good presentation

Arnia Kiara Jacobs – 24.11.2021
What a great project, wishing you all the best with your future ventures!