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  • Have your say by voting and commenting on these youth climate innovation submissions.
  • Everyone who votes gets a R1000 Travel voucher sent to them after voting.
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Renewable energy by reuse 70% of energy which house take

(from Matimu



First it will be a big solution to energy problems we are facing as South African. It will not have an bad impact in climate change however it will make life better. So I better my solution is the idea as as country we were waiting for all along. Good thing about it on our capacitors how much energy it will store while our energy keep on flowing.


Because all I want to see is our happy world with free of bad climate changes also to bring solution to our world since energy is a challenge. To see my programme working and creating jobs for others. After receiving a support I will also try my best to offer others my support because I will believe we are who are because of others. Our world can be much better with we believe in one other and support wise ideas and correct wrongs this the reason I believe for you I can learn a lot while trying to bring solutions to our people


Carien Barrett – 06.04.2022
I think this is a great solution!!

Olga kedibone Maboa – 21.03.2022
I highly support

Zulu Matthew – 18.03.2022
Great way to vote

Sharon Michaels – 18.03.2022
I support renewable energy it’s the way forward to save our planet

Pihu sharma – 02.03.2022
Very great

Abhii – 02.03.2022
Hi have voted

Vaibhav – 16.02.2022
I truly support this cause, infact I once participated in tree planting activity organized by an NGO through office’s CSR activity.

Desiree Letshwiti – 15.12.2021
This will help curb wastage and saving the environment and creates jobs by skilling the community.

Nkosi – 12.12.2021
We really need renewable energy

Pawan Kumar – 08.12.2021
Very good

Pawan Kumar – 08.12.2021
Save the environment

Zingisa Khobo – 04.12.2021
The concept is innovative and would curb climate change challenges

Cynthia Muntu Thulore – 03.12.2021
Ernegy is most used type of energy in our daily lives…I don’t have much comment but I approve

Anathi Gora – 03.12.2021
This climate solution would benefit the country. I highly support it

Tshireletso thoola – 03.12.2021
Renewable energy is the future

Mlungisi – 03.12.2021
I feel like the environment plays the greatest role in giving us life and fresh air

Luvo – 03.12.2021
We energy

Adlaid Malatjie – 03.12.2021
Department of Energy must come up with a plan because we are badly affected by the high cost as a country. Renuable energy is the solution

Conan Myeni – 03.12.2021
No comments just to vote

Sentle Makhura – 02.12.2021
Climate change is a pain in a neck and we have to do something about it or else we’ll perish

Zandile – 02.12.2021
Our climate should be left clean

Nontlahla Mase – 02.12.2021
I’m all about changing people’s live

Zitha Tc – 02.12.2021
Best work

Zitha Tc – 02.12.2021
Support you

Msingathi Solomon – 02.12.2021
I believe that renewable energy can solve part of climate change

Lindani – 02.12.2021
Uguquko esimweni somkhathi kusfundisa ukuphatha kahle umhlaba asifundisane sonke sizonqoba

Surprise – 02.12.2021
It is of unfortunate that the climate change has made a huge impact worldwide, widely has really made a huge impact on farmers which in the coming years will threaten the food security all over the world. Seasons of planting crops have slightly changed to cause confusion on farmers. This enables farmers to come with alternative ways of preparing their land ahead to produce food.

Thabo – 02.12.2021
Solving climate change

Bithi – 01.12.2021

Nonceba – 01.12.2021
Great idea

Kamogelo Masola – 01.12.2021
I believe that electricity is the most biggest factor that affects us so if this solution can be implemented it will be a great initiative for south Africa

Nkosikhona Kumalo – 01.12.2021
Sustainable climate solution. I like the innovative inputs put up by a young and brilliant mind.

Gladness Puseletso mnisi – 01.12.2021
It’s a good thing to have or observe natural resources and climate change

Mbuso – 01.12.2021
Nice one gents๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ cubic 38

Anele Mlambo – 01.12.2021
I believe that everyone deserves healthy food.

LESIBA – 01.12.2021
We must keep our place safe not put pampers,papers&empty of bottle in our river

Nolufefe – 30.11.2021
Climate solution is very vital to all living organisms so hence I support this climate solution.

Nolufefe – 30.11.2021
Climate solution is very vital to all living organisms so hence I support this climate solution.

Lunga – 30.11.2021
I vote because i want to send this goes viral.

Andrew Fourie – 30.11.2021

Ruth Swartbooi – 30.11.2021
It is a very good idea and will help a lot with and will have gray impact in the helping to solve the climate change which is a very big problem in our country

Compton Karen – 30.11.2021
Need safer solutions and also to look after the planet.

Charles De Kock – 30.11.2021
Renewable energy will have an impact on climate change and assist with load shedding problems it will also help those less fortunate to be able to pay for electricity. We need to stop using coal which has a negative effect on the climate.

Nkathazo Nondlwana – 30.11.2021
It is good to have nwe ideas to change the old system of lights and save environment.

Nqobile Nkosi – 30.11.2021
I’d like to vote and make a change

Esethu – 30.11.2021
The climate permission will be highly valuable to the climatologists as the world and weather revolves

Thabang Mashele – 30.11.2021
We do need renewable energy sources which will limit the use of coal and trees

Puleng Mwale – 30.11.2021
I think they deserve my vote because renewable energy is important to us

Rhine Mathabatha – 30.11.2021
The idea is one of the best innovation

Sinovuyo Witbooi – 30.11.2021
Renewable energy is a need in South Africa with loadshedding and what not it would ease Eskom and create more jobs

Khanyisile – 30.11.2021
Voted for the climate solution innovation I believe if we can find sustainable sources towards climate resolution our lives could be so much better.

Zanele Felicia Bentley kaBangiso – 30.11.2021
I vote for you and wish you all the best in what you do ngikufisela okuhle kodwa

Obakes baker – 30.11.2021
Renewable energy is of vitality

Mvuyi – 30.11.2021
This is a great initiative

Themba Senna – 30.11.2021
I admire alternative sources of energy that do not pollute the environment, carbon free, and are sustainable.

Tebello Tsoeu – 30.11.2021
I feel that as a country South Africa has to look at renewable energy as an alternative.

Geronimo – 30.11.2021
Yes tto Renewable energy ! Down with this heavy polluters

Okuhle – 30.11.2021

Siyabonga Buthelezi – 29.11.2021
Well I go with the renewable resources they can save our earth and they are cheap at cost

Lesego – 29.11.2021
Working together as different stakeholders and countries we can overcome this climate issues.

Nonhle Emeldah – 29.11.2021
Zenande gabela

Nonhle Emeldah – 29.11.2021
She is confident with what she is doing

Lorna – 29.11.2021
I would really do appreciate for the Youth in SA have a idea about the Climate Solution we are lacking information of such things… Please train more Youth And have some debates about these things ๐Ÿ™

Ednah – 29.11.2021
Climate change

Jenny – 29.11.2021
That’s something I’m passionate about

johnson siya – 29.11.2021

Fortunate Mudyahoto – 29.11.2021
Fossil fuels are causing ai pollution hence resulting in global warming which has led to the severe climate change! Therefore without a doubt, renewable energy is a need in South Africa.

George Mlindeni Mkhize – 29.11.2021
South Africa needs renewable energy, we are really suffering and the the earth herself suffer from the current energy

addali med – 28.11.2021
very good

Semono – 28.11.2021
Good participant

Phuti – 28.11.2021
Good participant

Tsam – 28.11.2021
๐Ÿ‘ great idea

Mashudu Mukwevho – 28.11.2021
I vote for Ziyanda Gabela “Love water, save water” It’s important to save water because water is life

Thakganye steward Lesufi – 27.11.2021
More youth skills development needed ๐Ÿ‘Œfocusing on new technologies and innovation particularly on climate change

Salema – 27.11.2021

Rina – 26.11.2021
For climate solution stay indoors , lockeddown.

Bester – 26.11.2021
Let’s clean our environment and make people around us aware of the danger of climate change

Mawethu – 26.11.2021
These are great renovations

Mawethu Bethwell – 26.11.2021
Climate solutions are helpful towards our deteriorating state of climate due to pollution

Lindiwe Dyantyi – 26.11.2021
The renewable energy, electricity supply is what we need right now, it has a huge impact on our climate

Petro du du Buisson – 26.11.2021
We had to take hands together and live

Simphiwe Maseti – 26.11.2021
It’s initiatives like this that brings hope that our natural resources will be sustained

Siyabonga – 26.11.2021
Climate has to be preserved by all means possible and anyone who comes with any idea to preserve nature, them I say right on

Siyabonga – 26.11.2021
I vote for ziyanda Gabela. That is a Gods sent

Hlekani – 26.11.2021
As experiencing all the problems with loadshedding in South Africa..this will be the help to our country

Wisani Nhlengani Wilfred Manthonsi – 25.11.2021
I want to vote youth

Themba ndlovu – 25.11.2021
To solve climate problems firms or organizations need to be more educated on the impact of climate change and how to to deal with it.

Katekani Valoyi – 25.11.2021
Voting for ecosystem restoration

Armando gift sitole – 25.11.2021

Happyness Nnawe – 25.11.2021
A very great innovation

Priscilla – 25.11.2021
We need a new evolution by using renewable energy

Ntokozo Ndlovu – 25.11.2021
You have my vote

Joy Nxumalo – 25.11.2021
Good idea to help the economy

George Vogel – 25.11.2021
Maybe it could be a solution for saving energy and preventing load shedding in the future . ESKOM has too many old power stations that haven’t been upgraded the past 25+ years.

Monique Jagers – 25.11.2021
All the best

Moholela Bongane – 25.11.2021
when they talk of giving back to the community they are really talking about this guy. saving the invaroment and creating opportunities.

Miranda Mthembu – 25.11.2021
Climate needs to be change

Henry Coetzee – 25.11.2021
Definitely the correct chouce!

Nomonde Nsele – 25.11.2021
To fix climate in this era will help with many things includes global warming

Helena Pikirayi – 25.11.2021
All the best!

Plannet green is the new vibe

Anna – 25.11.2021
Youth is the future

Ellah malebe – 25.11.2021

Bophelo Malebe – 25.11.2021

Maggy MALEBE – 25.11.2021

Lesley pule – 25.11.2021

Bonny Malebe – 25.11.2021

Tshepiso – 25.11.2021
It will definitely help

Thato – 25.11.2021
Protect climate change

Lethukuthula Mkhonto – 25.11.2021
It will improve and help us as people to have clean air and have less pollution

Angel Simelane – 25.11.2021
Renewable energy is great for the environment and is a good idea which can result in savings and also aliviate the energy problems we experiencing

Richard – 25.11.2021

Gloria – 25.11.2021
I love it and is good because instead of throwing away the house hold waste we use it for important causes

michelle – 25.11.2021
it is the best solution

Masenele Segomotso – 25.11.2021
Great initiative on organic food production!

Nonhlanhla Mzinyane – 25.11.2021
It will help to minimize air pollution and also minimize sickness caused by inhaling polluted air. It will also improve growth of healthy crops which will minimize using too much fertilizers in order to protect crops from being destroyed by harsh climate changes.

Mulaifa Allen – 25.11.2021
I’m voting for Phathutshedzo

Thembokuhle – 25.11.2021
I love nature

Heine Hatting – 25.11.2021
Good luck. Make a change.

Andries Mola – 25.11.2021
We’re proud of you and we celebrate you

Kgoadu – 25.11.2021
I’m voting for Gift Lubele

Thaakirah Samaai – 25.11.2021
In South Africa, where load shedding is becoming a norm, it would be amazing for houses to be able to use renewable energy.

Ayanda Michael Yekani – 25.11.2021
Let us all fight against any seismic surveys will have devasting impact on local environment and ecosystem and all parties involved have fail to consider the environment this would have on the local society both short and long term.

Athi Yaliwe – 25.11.2021
We need innovative ways to keep our lights on

Athi – 25.11.2021
With the current state of energy supply company failing us. We need more innovative ways of how we can keep our lights on

Alicia – 25.11.2021
Solar power as the main source of energy

Nomfundo – 25.11.2021
I believe that if we can find viable low carbon solutions to the Enegry crisis, we would help reduce more than half of our carbon emissions. This solution is practical

Neo Ramafalo – 25.11.2021
We need upskille and empower the youth.

Cebisa – 25.11.2021
We need some changes

Charlene Kleinhans – 25.11.2021
We have a massive challenge in South Africa regarding energy, thus the idea and inniciative of renewable energy in households is possible a start to an solution.

Anuj – 25.11.2021

Gonasagran Ganas Chetty – 25.11.2021
A good initiative to support

Theko Nthabiseng – 25.11.2021
Convincing drivers to make the shift to cleare vehicle depent on batteries that charge faster , run for longer and more efficient in a joint venture .

Nosipho Mhlanga – 25.11.2021
I love this initiative, I would like to see it going further.

Thandiswa Toyi – 25.11.2021
Youth development is what this country needs to be a better place for generations to come. It would solve our socio-economic challenges and create jobs.

Berto – 25.11.2021
Renewable energy is extremely important and I feel very positive about the idea of 70% reusable energy.

Koeks Lubbe – 25.11.2021
This should have been done years ago….

John Garrell – 25.11.2021
why do we not take advantage of the SA sun help ever house hold to install solar panels, then copy England’s model with a feed into system any power not used in the household get fed into the grid

more home can get help to free energy

Vladimir Jovic – 25.11.2021
Water is Life

Love Makamu – 25.11.2021

Wisani Nhlengani Wilfred Manthonsi – 25.11.2021
I want to vote young people who brings life in South Africa

thembalethu sboniso shezi – 25.11.2021
We really need someone that will fix the issue of power eskom

THANDY – 25.11.2021
Water is Life

Ivan – 25.11.2021
Renewable energy is definitively the best way forward, specially with the challenges that we face in South Africa so this project is a must that I hope succeeds.

Tshepang – 25.11.2021
Great initiative

Samuel – 25.11.2021
We should all play our part to protect this planet for the future generations

Raselabe hulisani – 25.11.2021
This is a great platform for allowing us to have a say in what happens to our future and climate and by voting we do more.

Rebecca Molefe – 25.11.2021
With everything that is happening right now in our country and the whole world, the struggle we facing regarding energy. We need a big change and that change can be done if we all agree on 1 thing. Let’s all work together to fight climate change.

Clare Pershouse – 25.11.2021
I think all these people with their ideas to assist climate solutions are all winners!

Ntombikhaya Hatta – 25.11.2021
With the current situation in South Africa this innovation offers the best solution

Ntombizodwa Zodwa – 25.11.2021

Mivien – 25.11.2021
I vote for Matimu Nkuna of renewable energy reuse, because it can save our planet and for healthy future generations, by reducing climate change which is also regarded as main impact of our planet. Recycling โ™ป๏ธ is the best ways of reducing wastes and best way of using and saving our natural resources so that they may not be duplicated.

Thulani – 24.11.2021
I support the fact we should use renewable energy thus regusing the green effect and the global warming

Thabo – 24.11.2021
Climate solution

Manfred Mujuru – 24.11.2021
I vote for Ziyanda Gabela presents “Londoloza Imvelo- love water, save water “. Because water is a scarce resource and we need to everything in our power to conserve it

Sthe – 24.11.2021

Rekgotsofetse – 24.11.2021
You go girl..

Xaviera – 24.11.2021
The renewable energy solution is the best solution by far considering the constant electricity problems we are facing. The bonus is that it has a positive effect on climate change and the community by creating jobs.

Owami – 24.11.2021

Sithandwa – 24.11.2021
It could help bring change to the current energy crisis

G Mower – 24.11.2021
Keep up the good work

Amanda – 24.11.2021
An excellent innovation if 70% of the house hold energy it benefits both society and the environment.

Siwakhile dlamini – 24.11.2021
Great work

Irvin – 24.11.2021
Well done Mbali

Pomeshni – 24.11.2021
Save nature

Pomeshni – 24.11.2021
I vote for number 1

Mark – 24.11.2021
I will help many

Vee Stroede – 24.11.2021
I want to help make a difference.

Nakita Singh – 24.11.2021
I want to make a difference and I hope my vote counts.

Khuselwa Nkaenkae – 24.11.2021

Katleho – 24.11.2021
I vote because i want those guys to change our Land scape so that we can have grass through out the year

Ayue Kumar Katiyar – 24.11.2021
Sustainable Tourism, Keeping the aspect of Global Warming into account is the ONLY way out.

john samuel – 24.11.2021
Very innovative and needed

Dashmika Pillay – 24.11.2021
Great entry All the best

Mariaan Smith – 24.11.2021
Voted for Contestant nr 1

Magda Rautenbach – 24.11.2021
Great idea!

Letlhogonolo Itumeleng – 24.11.2021
This is a very much good solution that can happen to our climate change over the years.

Sinenhlanhla – 24.11.2021
Great initiative

Mehul Kava – 24.11.2021
Energy is the future, the more we concentrate on renewable energy the more efficient use energy we can make.

Marilyn Tromp – 24.11.2021
Renewable energy will show us how to save electricity, use solar power, wind power and STOP using coal.

Elizabeth Molepo – 24.11.2021
Interesting idea

Rodney – 24.11.2021
We need to change the way we are utilizing our energy to save our planet. I recommend we go green so we breathe fresh air no pollution

Judy Padayachee – 24.11.2021
Awesome initiative

Dawn Wallenkamp – 24.11.2021
Wonderful initiative

Wellington Will Tsepo Mswela – 24.11.2021
We support the use of renewable energy like Solar, Wind Power, Hydrogen Power and Nuclear Energy.

Khabonina Khabo Mkhwebane – 24.11.2021
Energy we are suffering with electricity

Ntshepiseng Matsunyane – 24.11.2021
Great initiative

Ndlovu Makhosazane – 24.11.2021
I vote for Andile โค

Roxanne – 24.11.2021
By having renewable energy it will have a huge impact on our hlimate change for the better.

Khutso – 24.11.2021
Keep on changing our environment to better place

Thembi Merlyn – 24.11.2021
Good work, renewable energy will less harmful to the environment and keep our environment safe.

Jacky Raselomane – 24.11.2021
Good innovation ๐Ÿ’ก๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘

Christa Fortuin – 24.11.2021
I vote because we have save our earth for our children

Mighty Tselana Kekana – 24.11.2021
Renewable energy has always been the sagest and doable most implementable solution that has been overlooked to address shortfalls thereof.

SOURODIP GHOSH – 24.11.2021
Great Idea. Create an a solution for better environment.

INDRAJIT DATTA – 24.11.2021

RINA BARICK – 24.11.2021

Prayer mongwane – 24.11.2021
Good work

Debora Mthenjane – 24.11.2021
Renewable energy by reuse will help light up many houses and givr us clean air as the polution rate will be reduced.

Henry Jenkin Davis – 24.11.2021
This is the way we must all go—-our Earth–our home—our life.

Ijahar Ahamed Khan – 24.11.2021
I fully support

Roseline Thebe – 24.11.2021

Peter Fortuin – 24.11.2021
Youth Awareness around climate change is very important because they are tomorrow ‘s leaders who can make a difference.

Titus Naidoo – 24.11.2021
Great Idea. Create an a solution with impact. On point

Sibusiso Mohlaba – 24.11.2021
Well done Mr Nkuna great idea

Stefan – 24.11.2021
Reduce emission

Andile Matukane – 24.11.2021
Hardworking person in South Africa

TRACEY – 24.11.2021
I think it will be better for the climate change

Thabisile – 24.11.2021
I fully support the initiative

Christine Hendricks – 24.11.2021
We need a change for the better, for a better country for all.

TRACEY – 24.11.2021
I think it will be better in regards to the climate change

Segopotje Mphahlele – 24.11.2021
We need something that will help us to use less electricity because electricity is very expensive lately

Joywin Rayen – 24.11.2021
Everybody should be aware and concerned

sahil saggi – 24.11.2021
good projects

Devika Thaver – 24.11.2021

Michael van Dyk – 24.11.2021
No 2, protect our Precious earth.

Taahirah – 24.11.2021
Our government and country is in need of a new way to use energy, especially in homes.

Yusuf – 24.11.2021
Renewable energy because we are facing loadshedding

Gerhard Maritz – 24.11.2021
Voting for climate change

Hope – 24.11.2021
Long term solution I’m behind it

Zenobia – 24.11.2021
Renewable energy is the way to go. We all know that our resources get finished faster, therefore the use of renewable energy would mean we will not run out of energy supplies very quickly.

Anisha Arumugam – 24.11.2021
Climate change

Lebogang – 24.11.2021

stacey Grobbelaar – 24.11.2021
with all this loadsheddin in our country we need a substitute to fill in the gaps we can not move forward like this

Kufakunesu Mubvuma – 24.11.2021
Renewable energy is the way to go. We all know that resources get finished therefore use of renewable energy would mean we will not run out of energy supplies.

Molefe Bopape – 24.11.2021
The best