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(from Mfanelo



Introduction The Smart Water Tanks and Trucks Project is a Funded initiative by Innovate Durban with the objective of supporting Team ECT with producing a Minimal Viable Product (Prototype). The most recent innovation conjured up by our Founder Mr. Mfanelo Ndlela (Inventor) is aimed at alleviating the strain in Service Delivery within local municipalities, the primary area of focus in this regard is Water Access through Water Tankers and Trucks. We have realised that most local municipalities do not possess the appropriate technical systems that can make service delivery a simple and mutually beneficial relationship between themselves and the Communities they serve. Project Overview Problem Statement – Did You know South Africa is the Number One Protest destination in the World? source: Civilian unrest is caused by one thing poor service delivery. “Initiatives Under Way To Arrest SA’s R7.2bn Yearly Water-Loss Scourge, As a water-scarce country, South Africa is facing several water challenges, not least of which is the inefficient use of water and, even more worrying, losses as a result of leaks. Nonrevenue water – all the water lost through physical leakage or other commercial losses – is currently estimated to be as high as 37%, with losses attributed to physical leakages estimated to comprise a quarter of that figure. The need for monitoring and measuring the water supplied by water service authorities is regarded as crucial to gain a better understanding of the nature and extent of the challenges faced by the water sector. A study released in March by the Department of Water Affairs (DWA) in conjunction with the Water Research Commission (WRC) calculates that 1.58-billion cubic metres of supplied water is unaccounted for each year, which, at a nominal production cost of R4.50/m3, translates into yearly losses of R7.2-billion.” Source: Edited by: Martin Zhuwakinyu Solution The purpose of the technology is to improve service delivery in local municipalities by saving water through re-cycling, re-using municipal wastewater, the municipal wastewater, organic/landfill/solid waste. By Using Smart Water Sensors, Water Tank Monitoring Systems and E-Pad we will be able to provide the solution that Ethekwini Municipality needs. In order to reduce SA’s R 7.2 B water-loss scourge.


We believe the Program will benefit our Team, we are at a critical stage of digitization and the development of Our Iconsi App. We need to be supported by the right institutions that will open doors for us to show case our brilliancs as a team of Young phenomenally gifted individuals who have come together to play our part in the fight against climate change. The Time to Act is Now, we are certain that by included in this Program we will grow immensely and our Innovation will reach the communities we developed it for. We subscribe to all the SDG’s with a great Passion and we pledge to dedicate our time and energy towards fulfilling every task required of us fo fully benefit from this Innovative and game changing Program.


Abhii – 02.03.2022
hi have voted

Moreila – 10.02.2022
Muy bueno este video, me encantó

Charlotte Preston – 05.02.2022
This is so important! Thank you for sharing

Sarfraz Ahmed – 26.01.2022
Thats very good solution

Njabulo Mpungose – 10.01.2022
This is brilliant and great initiative to be supported

jessica Hoffmann – 04.01.2022
Great initiative!

Bernice – 12.12.2021
Water has become a scarce commodity & this initiative would help most communities.

Unam – 12.12.2021
Simple Wonderful and a great initiative!

Senzekile Koyo – 12.12.2021
Great initiative

Nkosi – 12.12.2021
This is a great initiative

Leonard – 12.12.2021
Great initiative 👏🏿

Lerato – 10.12.2021
Great ideas

Leonard – 03.12.2021
Great initiative

Ntsiki Mchunu – 03.12.2021
We in South Africa has water problem we need water for everything we do

Isani – 03.12.2021
Awesome vouchers

Adlaid Malatjie – 03.12.2021
Provide clean water in rural areas

Sakhekike – 03.12.2021
Let’s make the country a batter place to live in

misele – 02.12.2021
This system will helps people to save water. This system will have good relationship with community because giving them water tanks or by trucking will help them store water because as we are talking they is shortage of water and this will help them slot.

Hlengiwe Ndlela – 02.12.2021
Keep up the good work!!

mhlezi shangase – 02.12.2021
Excellent ideas 😊

Mahomed nkosi – 01.12.2021
I am very impressed with the unique innovation presented

kazi farouk – 01.12.2021
Nice video

Hamisi Thabelo – 01.12.2021
Great innovation 💡 This will improve our country as a water scarce

Keotshepile Tiro – 01.12.2021
Due to lack of water and sanitation thats were my vote goes to

Lesiba Matlaila – 01.12.2021
Use water n sanitation to wash hands,to prevent covid

Busisiwe – 01.12.2021
Good luck .this will help people because there’s no rain this day’s

Meso – 30.11.2021
What I love about this page its because it teach more about how to save the troops of our earth left 🤚🏼🇿🇦🌍💧💧

Salesio Missomal – 30.11.2021
I am voting this because I am always passionate for water access to people. No water access no life. These diversified and innovative water supply technologies will help a lot in the water access which aims not only to provide water but also ensuring people’s good health.

Judy Macgregor – 30.11.2021
We always need ways to save water

zandile Ngobeni – 30.11.2021
I like the idea

Zanele – 30.11.2021
Needing water to survive

Water re cycling has always being in my mind

nompilo khumalo – 29.11.2021
We need water to survive

Fortunate Mudyahoto – 29.11.2021
Water is LIFE

Sthembeka – 29.11.2021
I’m voting for this

Samkelo – 29.11.2021
This is a great innovation for a Water conservation/distribution concept, as well as for the reduction of water loss due to leakage which consequently, adversely affects the overall operational costs for water reticulation and utilities.

Rita Nienaber – 29.11.2021
Water is life and need to reuse as much as possible

Malehlohonolo – 29.11.2021
Reuse and recycling of water is the way to go!!!

Sthuthukile Mngomezulu – 29.11.2021
I’m impressed

Sthuthukile Mngomezulu – 29.11.2021
I’m impressed

Sthuthukile Mngomezulu – 29.11.2021
I’m impressed

Donald – 28.11.2021
Great initiative, innovative solution

Nomasonto Masimula – 28.11.2021
Technology is appreciated……

Irene – 28.11.2021
Impressive work

Neliswa – 28.11.2021
Absolutely incredible innovation. My vote goes to ElectriCoal as it solves one of the biggest problems our country battles with-electricity.

Njabulo Njibeshe Mlotshwa – 28.11.2021

Sithembile Dlamini – 28.11.2021
Im very proud of our fello south Africans for helping us create such climate change ideas. As we venture to new ways of living this will be our new norm of life

Sthuthukile Mngomezulu – 28.11.2021
I’m I’m pressed

Sthuthukile Mngomezulu – 28.11.2021
Climate change redults in reduced crop productivity associated with heat and drought stress and increased pest damage, disease damage and flood impacts on food system infrastructure, resulting in serious adverse effects on food security and on livelihoods at the regional, national and individual household levels. We trust you Mr Ndlela.

Tshepiso – 27.11.2021
Good luck

Zandi Nkonzo – 26.11.2021
This is great it gives people a sense of ownership and less reliance on government.

Nokwanda – 26.11.2021
I believe this project will indeed be Beneficial to both parties, community and company, giving back to the community is vital

Frandeline – 26.11.2021
I just hope we can reach the needy for them to get water

Simphiwe Maseti – 26.11.2021
As a water scarce country, it is initiatives like this that brings hope that the future generations will also be Cartered for.

PHILANI NDLOVU – 26.11.2021
The Best of the best

Nompilo mkize – 26.11.2021
Water is helpful 😌

Nompilo mkize – 26.11.2021
Malusi ndlovu

Senamile – 26.11.2021
As the future leaders of this world I truly believe that we today’s youth can save our climate simply by educating our society of safer ways of disposing waste without having to burn and create uncontrollable fires. Initiate a project where we be planting trees in our community which will help increase the levels of oxygen found in our atmosphere

Nomali Masango – 26.11.2021
A much needed solution to a devastating problem. I fully support the Smart Water Tanks and Trucks Project. This is what we need because there are still areas with no access to clean and safe water and those that have access to water it is intermittent. Phambili with this project as a solution!

Bonisile Prudence Masengemi – 26.11.2021

Siphamandla – 26.11.2021
Water is life

Zenande Tenyane – 26.11.2021
This is a great solution and also an amazing opportunity for our young people to be able to innovate such. It will be of great help to the community and for the innovators to learn more.

Bulelwa NTSHEBE – 25.11.2021
I’m so glad to be learning more about your innovations. Great job

Tumelo Rams – 25.11.2021
I really love it

Phumzile – 25.11.2021
Wish you all the best Ndlela

Thando – 25.11.2021
May the best solution be found.

Thandi molefe – 25.11.2021
I fully support the initiative I really appreciate an innovation which will make us no longer suffer for water

Simphiwe Mncwabe – 25.11.2021

Buhle – 25.11.2021
Your work seems promising. All the best!

Mpho Mkhize – 25.11.2021
Our youth is really working towards greater heights with their innovation cause many dams are empty, but they are doing all their best salvage the situation that our country is facing, so big up to them 👏

Sinethemba – 25.11.2021
Good idea

Vutivi nxumalo – 25.11.2021
Water is life

Climate solutions will boost our ecosystem that will protect us from too much heat of the sun adverse weather conditions that doesn’t match our currently season, so be looked will be a very good for all living creatures since we need each other to live.thank you!

Neo Moletsane – 25.11.2021
I vote for South African Youth Climate Innovation.

Malusi Ndlovu – 25.11.2021
This is brilliant, we want to see this at work and we will also support it.

Josephine Chuma – 25.11.2021
Water is life

waqas khan – 25.11.2021
its a nice video

william mngoma – 25.11.2021
The project offers a solution to the problems facing the country in the sector of waste. This is a perennial problem and an innovative approach is going to add value and reduce the impact of unused waste in climate change challenges

SM MOKOENA – 25.11.2021
Leakages need to be attended to so that water can be preserved e.g leaking taps and municipal water reticulation infrastructure.

Granny Rikhotso – 25.11.2021
It good and imported it save electricity

Xolani – 25.11.2021
Save water save lives

Tebogo Tshipi – 25.11.2021
Water is one of the scarce resource and municipalities are struggling to provide adequate water to communities especially in the rural areas, so I believe this great initiative

Louise – 25.11.2021

Henk – 25.11.2021

Henk – 25.11.2021

Nontobeko Nkosi – 25.11.2021
Very impressive and meaningful innovation.

Wishing you all the best.

Thandi molefe – 25.11.2021
Agree Mfanelo

Chris Stevens – 25.11.2021
A truly worthwhile project

Phuti Sabalele – 25.11.2021
Good luck. Enjoy.

Uyanda Zembe – 25.11.2021
Great initiative. This also touches on pollution and love the idea of using glass bottles instead of plastic bottles.

Jenna Holmes – 25.11.2021
We can live without electricity, we cannot live without water. Our country is in desperate need of doing something like this. Great idea!

Mazwenkosi – 25.11.2021
Thanks for the innovative electriccoal information.

MANDELWA SIBAM – 25.11.2021
people need to be taught ways so save water and sustain themselves

Simphiwe Mathenjwa – 25.11.2021
Meaningful innovation!

thembalethu sboniso shezi – 25.11.2021
We need to start with the school to focus on careers that gives as jobs like agriculture and we have land

Daniel – 25.11.2021
We need to be innovative and use rain water and minimize the waste of rain water to drains. We need to collect, purify and distribute.

Magda Dekker – 25.11.2021
SA is critical, and something must be done

Monique – 25.11.2021
Water tanks should be a household standard and more effort should be made to do this.

Lindokuhle Nxumalo – 25.11.2021
Coming from a very rural area and access to water sometimes is not that effecient. What uMr. Ndlovu is doing here, will not only help the municipality, but the people that are looking up to the municipality to come with solutions. This is also the fight and a stand against climate change, by getting everyone involved, municipality and the people as well. We need more people who can come with such beneficial minds, the brilliant minds that are not going to sit around and ask for jobs but innovators to ideas like this, hungry and with passion. This is a great idea and I hope Mr Ndlovu’s idea is is really considered, even if its not based on votes. He has done a very extensive research on one of our main problems we facing as a country, which if we do not make a stand now, our future generations will suffer

Sandiswa – 25.11.2021
This is amazing .

Kwanele Mkhwanazi – 25.11.2021

Kwanele Mkhwanazi – 25.11.2021
Team ECT

Christobelle Windvogel – 25.11.2021
This innovative idea is what our country needs right now. We cannot survive without water as we all know. South Africa is currently heading for stricter water restrictions. As the population increases, so does the demand for water.

winnie – 24.11.2021
Water is a source of life, so this idea captured me

Sibusisiwe Malinga – 24.11.2021
Save Water, Save a Life

Zimbili Memela – 24.11.2021
This project will have great benefits.

Zanele Zikalala – 24.11.2021
I don’t know much about climate change but I know that it is important and it can really affect a lot in our living nature so we do need to look at climate solutions

Scott Silburn – 24.11.2021
Any way to prevent water loss is a good thing! – 24.11.2021
The ideas of save water is the good one as m part of war on leaks

Pethiso Jafta – 24.11.2021
Anything that says save water i am in, we still have people who don’t have running water in their homes more especially in rural areas.

Hellen Digoro – 24.11.2021
I’m voting for this because this is a good way to improve the service delivery to the needy communities.

Lindelwa Mngxati – 24.11.2021
Water is the most precious resource.

Elizabeth – 24.11.2021
Wow am impressed with this

Nobuhle Khumalo – 24.11.2021
Good Idea as mostvof rural areas are still suffering to get clean water

Phozisa Cabane – 24.11.2021
Water is increasingly becoming a great need. So many areas are in need to of clean water. We need more ways to save water.

Philisiwe Mkhize – 24.11.2021
For me water is first basic need… which more and more is becoming very costly to access. So these will enable access, enable us to be economical and make conscious in how we handle it..

Fortunate – 24.11.2021
We need better resources for climate changes

Jacques Neethling – 24.11.2021
This seems like a great initiative.

Tyreece Naidoo – 24.11.2021
Good luck

Deseree Naidoo – 24.11.2021
Good luck

josias naidoo – 24.11.2021
Excellent idea and great way to ensure water is more accessible

Antonio – 24.11.2021
I think this is a brilliant idea to solve the alleviated service delivery problem.

Megan – 24.11.2021
This is great initiative and I’m hopeful and know it can work.

Ishmael Mathelela – 24.11.2021
Water is a scares and needed commodity, we have by all ways to save and adapt to better water solutions.