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Restoring the Ecosystem at Emalahleni Municipality

(from Thulani Gatsha



The innovation enterprise idea will contribute to reverse the impact of climate change that will trigger in 50 years time from now. As we all know that Emalahleni Municipality has a Climate Change crisis that is caused by fossil fuels and other mining activities within that municipality and nearest cities. We aim to coordinate and facilitate various Environmental Management programs that aim to reverse the impact of Climate change and establish various environmental management entrepreneurship opportunities to local communities to take care of the environment and better up their lives in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations and achieve Climate goal 13 of the SDGs. We aim to plant trees and have long term projects and programs to restore the ecosystem, working with various stakeholders and local citizens. We aim to apply all 17 SDG goals of the United Nation and make sure our communities understand this goal and implement them before 2030.


We expect to contribute to the change of the world, working together reducing the impact or the risk that are associated with identified problem. Aim to facilitate and advise working with other stakeholders to achieve this goal. We aim to promote education and awareness in the issues that are linked with Climate Change and Ecosystem restoration programs. Aiming to activate entrepreneurship opportunities within that community and building a safe environment for all citizens in the world. Aiming to work together ad a collective with other organisations.


Salu Yekela – 07.12.2021
I love the fact that they are committed to solving the problem at Malahleni and that they serious about restoration.

Gift – 03.12.2021
Teaching our future children about climate change is the way to go as it will improve their contributions in conserving and protection of the environmental hazards

Lindani – 02.12.2021

Naphuno MAMETJA – 01.12.2021
This is the best solution there is.

Mangaliso Ngomane – 30.11.2021
we need to restore that mining town’s climate

Obakes Baker – 30.11.2021
Change is important.Restoration of our ecosystem is very Important.

Ayah Mcrisha – 30.11.2021
Lets clean our air.Mahlangu Thulani

Ayah Mcrisha – 30.11.2021
Lets plant trees and clean our air.

Obakes Baker – 30.11.2021
We are in deep crisis we deeply need the implimentation

Connie Manganyi – 30.11.2021
Initiative supported

Muzi_Artz – 28.11.2021
Great man for example to humanity…restoration we need…let’s support our Chief Thulani Mahlangu

Muzi_Arts – 28.11.2021
Let’s clean up our planet and live in a toxins free country Thulani Mahlangu

Adowarim – 27.11.2021
He deserves it

Phologo Modisakeng – 27.11.2021
Thulani Mahlangu

Precious Masinga – 27.11.2021
Fantastic idea

Phologo g – 27.11.2021
My vote is for Thulani Mahlangu

Nobuntu Batyi – 27.11.2021
Ecosystem must be restored

Vuyokazi Dlamba – 27.11.2021
I support the initiative

Kgotso Matsetela – 26.11.2021
Mm vote goes with the humbled one…great initiative.Thulani Mahlangu

Kgotso Matsetela – 26.11.2021
Our planet is in a serious emergency need for more plantation especially fruit of trees where it will eradicate poverty and ubandance of oxygen… I’m with you on this one humbled brother.Thank you

Patrick Mainaakae – 25.11.2021
This solution will work if we all pull together.

Emma Mthimunye – 25.11.2021
Keeping our place clean, will help climate solution.

Ndamulelo mphaphuli – 25.11.2021
Well done

Nthai Monnye – 25.11.2021
Great work by Mr. MAHLANGU, he need more support to ensure that disasters in South Africa and Africa are reduced.

Tshepang Mashiane – 25.11.2021
His been educating our community about restoring water and taking care of nature, like not hacking trees. rather he motives us to plant trees.

Troy – 25.11.2021
Their objectives will drive them towards achieving more than they think.

Pinky Mashiane – 25.11.2021
Thulani Gatsha Mrhetjha is an influential leader who’s always working. He’s uniting the whole continent and being ablebto handle people of different behaviors and attitudes. Teaching everyone about the umportance of taking care of nature and the meaning of Climate change. He’s been encouraging everyone to plant trees, humbled leader and a teacher who delegates and work with his delegates. He has so much potential and doesn’t abuse his power. He’s very patient with everyone whether you understands or not. He works in Gauteng and Mpumalanga at the same time, running up and down. He’s goal oriented, optimistic and persistent in bringing change in Africa. He has taught about 10 SDG goals, something we didn’t know as Domestic workers

Anna – 25.11.2021
We believe you can make it happen… With us on your side

Horatius – 25.11.2021
Long standing issue, affecting grassroots drivers(eMalahleni and Similar municipalities) of our fossil fuel econometrix. Finally they have a worthy champion for the course.

Mpho Moshidi – 25.11.2021
It is a great initiation that worth my support

Gomolemo Ntlailane – 25.11.2021
Great ideas

Matshidiso Lepheana – 25.11.2021
Keep up the good work my brother we are supporting you

Matshidiso Lepheana – 25.11.2021
Keep up the great work my brother we are 100hind you

Willem – 25.11.2021
The restoration ecosystem will bring many changes around Malahleni environment and agricultural plans.

Joseph – 25.11.2021
We all need to fight for climate change.

Tshepang makinane – 25.11.2021
Spirit never die

Musakalu Kabamba – 25.11.2021
This is as great initiative with realistic results

Cornelius – 24.11.2021
Emalahleni needs serious attention, air pollution is bad for people living near the industrial area & for the ecosystem. New ways of mining without harming the environment must put in place.

Thulani Mrhetjha – 24.11.2021
I support the initiative, it’s a great practical achievable solution

Mpho Moshidi – 24.11.2021
Reducing the impact fo climate change in Emalahleni society and environment.

Nokulunga – 24.11.2021
I have voted hope i won let us look after our environment

Rochelle Mungaroo – 24.11.2021
Ecosystem restoral gets my vote because I believe that this type of work should be given priority

Oeloff van den Heever – 24.11.2021
Protecting and reviving our eco systems are the most important

Sthembile – 24.11.2021
Our community needs safety environment

Janine Van Zyl – 24.11.2021
A beautiful initiative! Hope they get the recognition they deserve!

Botlhale – 24.11.2021
Our ecosystem is badly damaged and i believe we should come with more ways to save it

Uvash Rabikisson – 24.11.2021
Great initiative. We need to take a stand now and make a difference. We wont have much of an ecosystem left in a few years