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Reusable, Biodegradable Menstruation Panty

(from Fatima



Our reusable sanitary panties not only aim to solve a social developmental issue and contribute to the attain of gender equality but they also contribute to less plastic usage which ends up in landfills (single use sanitary items are made up of approximately 90% plastic). Secondly, reusable sanitary items save water, single use sanitary products have contributed to water wastage due to people flushing unflushable materials which results to sewage blockages. Last but definitely not least, reusable pads significantly reduces the energy usage necessary in making plastic which is very energy intensive. It can result in toxic residual chemicals making it an all-round terrible thing for the planet.


I’m applying because I am budding entrepreneur that is not only profit driven but I’m interested in that conducting business with a purpose. Coming from a disadvantage community, I strongly believe in giving back and preservation of our communities and environment. During and after the programme I would like to achieve entrepreneurial training and business support ( financial and non financial) and also exposure to like minded businesses and organizations dedicated to solve social and environmental issues


Direi – 14.03.2022
My heart it’s dear when the next person without options it’s helped and treated human like everyone who has

Nompilo Ngobese – 07.03.2022
I like this very much it’s will be a help in solving a social development.

Chalaine P – 15.02.2022
Amazing work! So needed

Zandie Mancotywa – 08.12.2021
Great initiative

Paula Hallam – 05.12.2021
What a fantastic initiative, so needed by so many women and girsl.

Ditumis Mangata – 03.12.2021
This is a good idea not only does it save the environment from waste but also saves money for those who can’t afford to purchase disposable sanitary pads

Sabelo – 02.12.2021
Good job

Masechaba – 02.12.2021
This initiative speaks to me and many woman out there.

Sigidana Lufuno – 02.12.2021
I love it

Lorato – 02.12.2021
We as girls we need sanitary pads

Claire Patterson-Abrolat – 01.12.2021
This is such a great initiative. Young girls often miss school when they menstrate and a simple solution like this will ensure they don’t miss out on valuable education and participation in events.

Meso – 30.11.2021
It provide women with love of pads ,by giving ,we as women of the world we build each other by sharing menstrual pads , and we say ” HER BLOOD♥️ IS OUR BLOOD , WE BLEED THE SAME AN WE SHARE OUR QUALITY WITH THE OTHERS JUST LIKE US “

Amanda Mabuza – 30.11.2021
I’m in full support of this because it will help alot of young girls from disadvantaged families who struggle to buy pads every month

Sthembile snegugu Dladla – 30.11.2021
This is so great.

Ronel Miles – 29.11.2021
Really amazing. Would be such a wonderful solution.

Mulalo – 28.11.2021
It’s a good innovation

Sambo Cathrine Nomsa – 27.11.2021
A collective action is really needed in the issue of Climate change, Individuals can also play a crucial role in making a good choices about what food they eat, how one travels and where they get their energy.

Velmah Ramushu – 27.11.2021
As a mother, I know the struggles of having to buy pads every month. This would be very helpful

Pearl Ramushu – 27.11.2021
A lot of females especially young girls need pads and can’t afford them, so this will be helpful.

Brenda Willem – 27.11.2021
Love the concept it’s brilliant….

Thabisa – 27.11.2021
Love the initiative ❤️

Ngalo – 27.11.2021
I like the idea, save the environment and save money.

Khanyisa Booi – 26.11.2021
Excellent idea I love the fact that it focus on disadvanted people

Phindiwe Nikani – 26.11.2021

Khayakazi Khaya – 26.11.2021
Indalo learning is the best

Vuyelwa Makayi – 26.11.2021
Love this initiative❤❤❤

Lwandile Flepu – 26.11.2021
This belongs to Fatima Willem

Samukelo Masango – 26.11.2021
Love this initiative

Tebogo Mushi – 26.11.2021
A good initiative for the diginity of young girls.

Zintle Willem – 26.11.2021
Great initiative especially the one to assist the poor communities where you will be giving out free panties. The rate of unemployment is very high this initiative will be greatly appreciated by those who need it.

NG THABETHE – 26.11.2021
This is a great initiative considering the current lack of access to sanitary pads/towels which should in-fact be considered a basic human right.

Serapeng Given Rafapa – 26.11.2021
I love this concept

Bongi Mwanza – 25.11.2021
This is a great initiative considering the current lack of access to sanitary pads/towels which should in-fact be considered a basic human right.

Kholofelo – 25.11.2021
Long term solution for those who can’t afford sanitary pads

George Vogel – 25.11.2021
I like this and think it’s a great initiative!

Lolwethu – 25.11.2021
Love this solution

Fisokuhle Ncube – 25.11.2021
Love the concept

Ngwanamorwaswi – 25.11.2021
I support woman empowerment, this will assist lot of young girls who can’t afford sanitary pads

Pamela wellem – 25.11.2021
They can help even ppl who can’t afford to buy the sanitary panties u use since and crow away

Ntswaki Sonandi – 25.11.2021
Post partum depression is not talked about enough. Most people tend to judge the new mother, not knowing that she is suffering. And the issue of sanitary pads, we need all the help we can get there.

Mpho Ntshingila – 25.11.2021
It will really help the woman in need and they are reusable.

Neliswa Phontshi – 25.11.2021
Like development of youth

Melissa Moses – 25.11.2021
Excellent idea.

Heny – 25.11.2021
Save a girl child by providing sanitary pads

Karen Wesson – 25.11.2021
Wonderful initiative.

Yvonne – 25.11.2021
Excellent initiative

Katlego Kanyane – 25.11.2021
This is a cost effective concept.Sanitary pads have become so costly .So this will ease the stress and financial burden of having to buy the sanitary pads monthly.

Siyanda Mnweba – 25.11.2021
Beautiful initiative

Fez Bosman – 25.11.2021
Beautiful innitiative. Empowered women ,empower women. Love this Fatima

Lerato – 25.11.2021
This is an exticing idea, looking forward to it

Cindy – 25.11.2021
great idea, girls and women in disadvantage communities need this

Julei Grant – 24.11.2021
This is a great idea and ideal for the rural communities that I work in in the Northern Cape.

Jane – 24.11.2021
I think its an excellent and original idea, women and girls around the world could benefit from this. Thank you

Gillian Attwood – 24.11.2021
Great initiative

Ronelle Sterkenburg – 24.11.2021
In our country where many young woman do not have access to and cannot afford sanitary towels, this product will go a long way to helping them and also help to eliminate much of the sanitary waste.

Reamo Tshabalala – 24.11.2021
Brilliant initiative

Sivenathi Totyi – 24.11.2021
Very interesting, she has the valid point especially for pregnant women who sometimes get depression during pregnancy also looking forward with the underwear.

Lache Kock – 24.11.2021
I’m all for assisting woman and children along with the environment. I grew up in a rural town and it was a struggle for me with my sanitary towels being thrown away I would have to burn them.

Nokulunga Mbambo – 24.11.2021
I’m voting for Ziyanda Gabela

ENNIE BALOYI – 24.11.2021
I love this initiative as many girls have difficulties during that time of the month and not being able to afford pads adds to their stresses and causes many to miss out on school

Ziyanda Makhanya – 24.11.2021
Brilliant concept!!!

Nadine Peterson – 24.11.2021
I love this idea. Very handy for struggling teens

Caroline Thord-Gray – 24.11.2021
Wonderful concept – our girls and women would embrace this as it is a concern that we have to use so many of these over a lifetime.

Rushaan – 24.11.2021
This sounds an awesome alternative

Vuyeka Yabo – 24.11.2021
This is a great idea, have hope that a solution for diapers is near.

Zodwa – 24.11.2021
Im voting for willem

Michelle Chemaly – 24.11.2021
Love the concept.

Mpho – 24.11.2021
Behind this move 100%, great initiative 💪🏽

Maria – 24.11.2021
I am 100% behind you!

Nicola Grobler – 24.11.2021
I think this will add real value in our communities while helping the environment

Fortunate – 24.11.2021
I support this , every woman and girl deserved it out there. We are each other’s keeper so lets help each other where we can

Justin Perumal – 24.11.2021
My votes goes here every time!

Patricia Kazaka – 24.11.2021
As a woman and understanding of the current climate challenges, what a best way to support this initiative and project that will not only benefit our planet but will educate the women we are on what we can do and bring to the table collectively by being smart!

Anisa Hayath – 24.11.2021
Great idea

Tinille – 24.11.2021
Excellent initiative

Karabo Mphahlele – 24.11.2021
I believe this panties would come in handy for little girls and every woman coming from disadvantaged families. Because not everyone has money to go Doctors.

Ed Loubser – 24.11.2021
Too many girls from under-privileged communities miss school due to the lack of a basic necessity. This solution will contribute towards such girls’ educational performance, equality ito the resulting study and work opportunities and dignity.

Precious – 24.11.2021

Zaithoon Maziya – 24.11.2021
I think this is a brilliant idea, considering the number of girls who are out of school because they cannot afford sanitary towels. I support this initiative because the product is re-usable, biodegradable thus contributing to a clean and sustainable environment, especially given our sewerage problem we have in this country and the inadequacy in waste management.

Sara Khan – 24.11.2021
This is a great, sustainable solution

joe naidoo – 24.11.2021
Great innovation

Vanessa Venketsamy – 24.11.2021
Love this idea

Sam Jacobs – 24.11.2021
So much good can come from this brilliant idea

Lucy Sadiki – 24.11.2021
I would really love to see the end product of these panties, soo curious and have many questions about it.

Jackii Stevens – 24.11.2021
What a great idea especially for young girls that are unable to attend school or cant afford to pay for something they have no choice in experiencing.

Sikelelwa Nqakula – 24.11.2021
I love this menstrual panty idea it will change lives

Heema – 24.11.2021
Im so excited to support this initiative. so many young girls out there are struggling with something that is natural.

Joanne Hulsman – 24.11.2021
great idea giving young girls the confidence not to disrupt their education

Shanice Kannemeyer – 24.11.2021
So many young girls lose out on opportunities because they cannot afford or do not have any access to sanitary pads. This will also assist in reducing waste and pollution, such a great initiative!

Maritza – 24.11.2021
We must think about the future of our children.

Rajan Tailor – 24.11.2021