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The South African Youth Climate Innovation Awards

What are the SAYCIA2021 Awards?

“The South African Youth Climate Innovation Awards” (SAYCIA) aims to showcase and recognize 26 youths’ and entrepreneurial innovative solutions to tackle the greatest climate and environmental challenges of our time under the theme #OnestepGreener_SA


Play your part and become part of the change

In the lead up to the Conference of Parties (COP26) to be hosted by the United Kingdom in Glasgow from 31 October to 12 November, bringing together leaders, negotiators, climate experts, civil society, companies, and people on the frontline of climate change to adopt harmonised action for tackling the global climate crisis.

Indalo Inclusive partnered with the British High Commission in Pretoria and the Mail and Guardian as official media partner to host a first of its kind, The South African Youth Climate Innovation Awards (SAYCIA) The awards programme aims to identify 26 innovative solutions brought forward by the youths of South Africa and will be focusing on the thematic areas of, water, energy, agriculture, waste, and ecosystem restoration.

Step-By-Step Guide

An easier way to be part of SAYCIA2021 and have a better chance of winning

Step 1

Create & upload a 2 minute video to YouTube with your full name and name of your innovative solution

Step 2

Fill in the application form. Closing date is the 24 November 2021

Step 3

Tell us a bit about you and your solution and how it will impact on one of the key areas

Step 4

Share the video link with us in your application form. Then submit your application. If shortlisted we will send you mobile data for you to promote your entry

Step 5

Share your entry with your family and friends and encourage them to share your video on their social media platforms and get votes for your entry

Step 6

The more votes, views and shares you receive the more likely you are to be selected as one of the 26 winners

Our jury members will then review your solution and reach out to those who are successful. You will then be recognized, and we will profile you to be placed in various media outlets.


Voting for your Favourite solution / enterprise

Simply select the vote button below the video you would like to vote for. Fill in the short form and submit your vote. Please note that you are only allowed one vote

3 Key Facts About COP26

The key goal of COP26 is to keep a temperature rise limit of 1.5 degrees within reach — otherwise the ecological consequences would be catastrophic.
There are just nine years left to limit the worst consequences of the climate crisis before the destruction becomes irreversible
Up to 200 world leaders and an estimated 36,000 delegates could be set to attend


What is COP26?

COP stands for Conference of the Parties — meaning a gathering of countries — and 2021 will be the 26th time that it’s taken place.

COP26 will last 12 days, running from October 31 to November 12, 2021. Some of the key conversations will be around net-zero emissions targets, policies to help vulnerable communities adapt to the consequences of the climate crisis, and how to pay for it all. 

So, what’s different about COP26? The climate summit being hosted in Glasgow by the British government this November has been held up as one of humanity’s last chances to slow global warming. The timing couldn’t be more crucial, and the conference is a moment where the world simply can’t afford to fail.