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About the Resilience in Wildlife Communities for the Social and Green Economy Programme

Sustainability is crucial for the future of economies, society, and the planet. Indalo Inclusive partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme to implement an integrated training programme that is aimed at promoting principles of inclusive growth and sustainable development for the social and green economy in South Africa, and more specifically; for entrepreneurs operating on the periphery of wildlife conservation areas in order for them to tap into the mainstream of green markets as well as expand their services for broader and alternative value chains.

Objectives of the Programme

  • Provide targeted financial support to emerging entrepreneurs within the Kruger National Park value chain.
  • Empowering youth and women- led SMME’s
  • Improving the flow of information to small businesses Industry based programmes to support small businesses



The Innovation Hub
Enterprise Building, Unit 20D
1 Mark Shuttleworth Street
0081, Lynnwood, Pretoria


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Application Details

Section 1: Applicant Information

Section 2: Enterprise Information

Waste Management (general waste management)      – Reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse.
Ecosystems and Nature Resource Management      – Equitable benefit and sustainable use, conservation, management of species and ecosystems and restoration of degraded ecosystems.
Economies and Livelihoods (Compulsory Cross-cutting Theme)      – Create social and green opportunities for local community members / Business model can be replicated

Section 3: Team Composition and Partnerships

Section 4: Gender Equality & Youth Empowerment

Section 5: Inclusion & Social Impact

Section 6: Job Creation Potential

Section 7:Governance and Sustainable Development Goals

Section 8: Green and Climate Impact

Section 9: Ability to scale and replicate

Section 10: Business Model

Section 11: Motivation